PANDOBLOG 01/23/16

yo what is UP guys I am the one

the only the Pandobra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i woek up this mornign and started watching the boatmeiser himself stream runescape bandos solo

first FLIPPING kill i watch and this happen

no deaths at bandos 4Head

dead ginger FeelsGoodMan

yea i just sorta watched him for a while and theni started watching black

blacks stream is so good though like hes funny and based

black dota is literally like 2 DendiFaces definitely recommend his stream to anyone and everyone

gold for bfury at 14 mins but nobody bought courier xD

today i also found out that the muv luv kickstarter’s reward yuuko’s gift bag added some stickers for it thats pretty cool im not too big on stickers myself but heres a sample of some of them

one of these is my twitter avatar if u can guess whcih one it is ill give u an award

ya there we go reckful also did some weird periscope thing while he was at ikea and it made me realize how FLIPPIGN autistic you can be with ur friends in public god damn also look at this bald spot reckBald


well after that I started reading some I, robot the stories uh Reason and Catch that Rabbit.

Reason was a pretty neato story I think its about a robot who was just built but can’t accept the fact that humans made him because he believes that they are inferior in everyway so he starts like a robot cult where they all think that the space station is what built them and the humans.

catch that rabbit was kinda shit im not even GUNNA TALK ABOUT IT NERDs

after that we did some book CLubbing and discussioned those stories with my pals in the book cluib discussion u hear

heres some more quality discussionfrom our bookclub

i started DRINKING after that and some people asked me to play some smash 4 with them even tho i was drunk i managed to win a game so that was sick and i listened to hax$ song on repeat and shit.

that was great well yea good stuff good day im a god

ty for the reading of the blog of mine buddy

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