PANDOBLOG 01/25/16

HEy doods yesterday was something else alright hehe LOlz

as per usual i wake up and find myself just watching a stream u know great stuff b0aty dying to bandos watching that shit its typical u know

6 deaths to bandos 4Head

but i unno yesterday was like…

i felt really AWFUL yesteday not like mentally or anything just felt physically ILL even though i wasn’t actually sick or anything so I ended up sleeping in the middle of the day for like 2 hrs to try and get over it.

so after i woke up i was feeling down in the DUMPS but like i saw on my phone theres this thing called Halo Online that was released only in russia but APPARENTLY someone made a mod so it can be played anywhere else and APPARENTLY there was also like flipping Halo 3 maps which is super hype so ofc after i read that i hopped outta my god dang bed and didnt give a FUCK how bad i felt i just wanted to play some HALER 3.

heres a link with instructions and stuff if u were interested or something?

yea that was good stuff while i was playing halo my friend tainted also asked me to help him derank in dota 2 so I was just afk while he controlled my hero and we made people mad and tanked party mmr (1k dream here i come!!!!)

hit my record xpm yesterday a whopping 0 xpm thanks to the techies changes where planting mines makes u not go afk

anyway while I did that I had some good fun with halo 3 its hard to find jsut normal slayer with BRs though everythign was like team snipers so I just hosted a server to play with some of my pals

well after that I sorta just afk fished on runescape a little bit and I was still feeling a little MEh/wonky and stuff so I jsut sorta went to sleep at like 9:30 ish apparently uh EG plays tomorrow so I’m pretty hype for taht I didn’t think it’d be so soon after they landed in china that theyd be playing

I didn’t watch any anime again (sorry for lying I didnt mean to guys i swear pls dnt be ANGRY AT ME U FUCKERS) but ill FOR SURE watch some tomorrow I think u understand with the halo hype that I didn’t watch any anime though right guys??

Anime is kinda rough for me to watch I don’t know thats why i dont rlly enjoy picking too many up a season 4 is kind of a lot to me even though its not a lot to other people but ill ganbare bare MY besT TO keep up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also esportschan is still down guys panic mode what happened to admin please come back i need to make my one post per week in there

shoutouts to jovan-sama