PANDOBLOG 02/18/16

highly recommended video over here from my friend

woke up this mroinging with a KAPpa ON MY FACE

quote me on that

like one of those japanese frog monster freak things

or something

this freak

thats not a frog tho wtf

yea i just play my girlfriend is the president for like 7 hrs im almost doen with the second route

games still alright

borings of each route r kinda boring but it gets better u know

also look at this autist guys isn’t he such an autist


he was playing on some stream with m2k and hes wearing this dumb mask i hope he doesn’t go to tournaments like that

its like that one guy who won mkx at EVO with the furry shit :steamfacepalm:

or at least thats what it reminds me of

anyway heres some SPEEDRUNNER drama

im pretty sure he overreacted

yea autism battle or whatever i dont rlly care about sig though so this was pretty funny would recommend watching

i dont watch clintstevens though

definitely not an ugly dude though if u know what I am saying

i played some ruenscape 2007 version after that

was pretty chill i think i had HORRIBLe inefficiency though i played for a couple hours and barely got any RC xp

i was alos watching arrested development again good show

night night


i got $20 from my brother yesterday for taking books from his room to some guy at the front door

because he forgot that guy was coming over

easy $20