PANDOBLOG 02/20/16





well I managed to do some stuff today

just kidding I did like ABSOULTELY NOTHING MY FRIENDS!!!!

I played runescape for like a FEW hours and it was just me leveling thieving on my alt for a bit and it was meh progress and I couldn’t even RC at the same time because thieving is like u gotta pay attention zzzz

alright well whatever I took like a 2 hr nap after that becasue I woke up at like 7am and I went to sleep at 1am the night before lolz.

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for like 3 days now really enjoyable stuff definitely throwing out my recommendation boots out there

theres my recommend boots for u

yea I played dota the 2 after that passion restored?

your call

i only played 2 games so maybe not lolz.

totally owned a weebstack so thats exciting

cuz fuck weebs right

reminder to join the movement and follow me @Pandobra

anyway i wanted to throw this out here

top 3 emotes of all time:



and ^_^

congrats guys now u know those aren’t in any order btw so don’t go thinking ones superior to another cuz its fucking not idiot

after that I got HAMMERED akA drunk AKA SMASHED on alcohol cuz im an extreme alcoholic Kappa

also for some reason Sumail tweeted out something that said “I have said it before and I’ll say it again if you are awful at dota stop playing it”

and then he deleted his twitter rofl wonder what happened behind the scenes on that one

could be interesting

ya well after that I was just kinda drunk all day and I didn’t do anything except talk to people I hit 40 thieving on my alt though so I should be doing falador medium diaries later on hype stuff honestly

heres some ORIGINAL CONTENT my friend made of me making fun fo my FANTASY PRLEAGUE team

fantasy proleague is liek a fantasy starcraft league incase u didn’t know

my team is currently doing shit

absolute shit

I dont keep upn with SC2 but I knew my team was going to be shit and I named it Shit team Kappa

also I used skype again and i was reminded of how awful that program was I couldn’t type to anyone in chat for some reason how fucking stupid is that

thanks for reading bye


except for u the not idiot you know who you are

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