PANDOBLOG 02/21/16

yas so i woke up and immediately started doing QUEST on my alt in runescape

also there was a MELEE tournament going on

with the #grudge match between westballz and leffen

too bad they fukin traded sets so everyones gunna say the player they fanboy more got the better of the exchange lol…

heres a sick westballz combo tho #sickcity

ofc armada won the tournament what a surprise right?

the games so in depth that one person dominates the scene

literally the perfect partygame fighting game I think.

back 2


ya those were some awful quests that I did it took me like a couple hrs cuz one of the quests u just gotta wait like 20 mins for crops to grow

Pretty ResidentSleeper if u ask me

and im sure u would ask me because u value my opinion right

yea so anyway I did those quests right and then I decided to not do the falador medium diaries because it’d take more time and I didn’t wanna do that

so basically I just wasted like 3 hrs getting reqs and didn’t bother to finish them

the life

soem girl told me to read this shit the other day

its some BL SHIT but I actually heard of it before and I heard it was good so maybe I’ll read it idk

BL though…

kinda iffy if u ask me but I kinda told her I’d read it because im a RETARD so now I gotta read it I think

i didn’t say when tho I’ll probably not read it for a while but when I do read it u can call me fag man supreme octarine

oh yea

and make sure you guys sign up for the premiere dating site

its a great palce to meet fellow bernie supporters and maybe meet your true love!

there was a dota 2 game that went on btw and it wa slike rigged or something?
peruvians rigged their match I think?

I’m not too sure what happened

i know that smash’s team and that one weeb peru team apparently are scumbags though according to some people and yea

weebs suck basically


jk i kno nothing and i dont even care too much

I played some dota 2 and I have to say whenever my teammates random I feel like I swap them like 80% of the time

its pretty much like I’m randoming? and I get no extra gold? valve fix that shit please thank u very much arigatou

I did play a game as clockwerk though where I killed a terrorblade with only rocketflare twice.

he went like no boots skadi so granted he was a retard, but I still found it funny.

so after dota 2 I finally finished that one route in my girlfriend is the president that I was talking about

good route had more fun than the last route (maybe cuz the grill was a good grill)

heres a smash brothers reference taken with my samsung galaxy note 4

therse also like MGS references and stuff very in touch with the gaming community VN!!!


I played dota again after that nothing 2 spectacular I did go to bed at like 1am again tahts 2 days in a row im going down a path of degenerates i think


bye bye

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