5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

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Developed in China more than 3,000 years ago, feng shui is an ancient practice that focuses on spatial arrangement and orientation. It aims to help balance energies in any given space, bringing good health and fortune to those who reside in it.

And where in your house might be the most important place to practice the art of feng shui? You guessed it: your bedroom.

Because when you spend a great deal of time in the retreat of your bedroom, it’s extremely important that this space brings you the right harmonious balance of energies.

We recently spoke to feng shui expert Rodika Tchi, creator of knowFengShui.com and writer for About.com’s highly successful feng shui section, to get the inside scoop on how best to feng shui your sleep sanctuary.


Rodika suggests that you begin to incorporate feng shui in your bedroom by starting with fresh, clear energy through a practice known as space clearing.

“Just as on a physical level you see the dust and dirt accumulating in your home as a result of daily activities, the same happens on energy levels,” says Rodika. “You may not see the ‘dust and dirt’ of human emotions, but they do accumulate in any space, so it is best to clear them out regularly.”

This is especially important when you’re moving into a new home because you don’t necessarily want to mix with any previous energies lingering around. And it’s a good practice to perform after a big fight or a break-up, because you always want to start out fresh whenever you can.


What You Need: Candle(s), natural incense, essential oils mist, sage smudge stick (optional), music (optional)

How to Space Clear:

1. Find a time frame when you will not be disturbed, ideally right after your bedroom has been cleaned.

2. Gather your materials in the center of your bedroom.

3. Light your candle and the incense.

4. Spray the essential oils air mist or wave the sage smudge stick around the room in a clockwise motion to purify the energy. Pay special attention to the corners.

5. When finished, return to the center and purify your own energy by either misting your body with the essential oils or letting the sage smoke purify your own energy field.

6. Let the candle and the incense go out on their own. Take a moment to connect yourself to your bedroom and feel the difference in its energy.

7. All done!


As the most important piece of furniture in your home, your bed should be positioned in the best feng shui spot for you to reap all of the benefits of having a well-balanced and energized room. In general, grounding your bed with an area rug on the floor and a night stand on each side of the bed will make for a strong, solid foundation. Read Rodika’s article on best bedroom layouts for specific visual tips regarding where a bed should be placed in relation to bedroom windows and doors.


Having the right colors in your bedroom is crucial to having a balanced space. Your bedroom should make you feel happy, safe, nourished and calm. The most widely accepted feng shui bedroom colors are all skin tones, from light porcelain to deep, rich chocolate tones. For more advanced practices, some people choose their bedroom colors based upon their home’s bagua map (the home’s energy layout), their personal feng shui birth element or a mixture of these three factors, allowing their bagua map and personal elements guide the color scheme while adding in some skin toned décor to ensure an earthy, warm and nourishing energy.


You may bring in a range of “bad” feng shui elements into your bedroom, but Rodika sees the television and exercise equipment as among the worst.

“The good feng shui energy in your bedroom is destroyed when these items are present in your bedroom,” warns Rodika. She says they can bring the elements of stress and distraction into the one place that should be kept private so you can focus on your connection with either yourself or your loved one.


With the state of your bedroom directly influencing the health of your relationships and your general well-being, your bedroom art, art objects and décor is extremely important in the realm of feng shui. Though your choices should always reflect your personal vision when it comes to how to perceive love, romance and sensuality, a good rule of thumb, according to Rodika, is to avoid violent, aggressive energy in art pieces as well as an abundance of the feng shui element of water. This means shunning any overall blue color schemes, big mirrors, strong bodies of water in art or actual water features like an aquarium.

Through a basic understanding of this ancient science, you’ll be well on your way to creating a perfectly balanced feng shui bedroom!

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