Panoverse Q2 Development Roadmap

3 min readApr 6, 2024

We’re delighted to announce that we have successfully achieved all our Q1 development goals! This accomplishment serves as a solid foundation for an exciting Q2. We’re committed to continuous improvement and are eager to share a glimpse into what awaits players in the coming months:-

1–15 April

1. Initiated work on the Animation Revamp project.

2. Commenced the removal process of the outdated EOS Login and matchmaking functionalities, in adherence to Terms of Service (TOS) requirements.

3. Successfully implemented Playfab Login functionality.

4. Implemented foundational Playfab matchmaking logic.

5. Initiated development on the finishing moves feature.

6. Integrated UI sound effects and music.

7. Conducted a comprehensive character overhaul for Cryptowizzard.

8. Completion of Milestone-1

9. Starting of Milestone-2

10. 72 hours of alpha testing for the aforementioned updates.

16–30 April

1. Completion and addition of Map 2.

2. Implementation of Finisher mechanics.

3. Initiation of development on the second game mode.

4. Commencement of work on the Character Vault system.

5. Internally reworked Shark Character.

6. Initiation of PlayFab marketplace testing.

7. Completion of Milestone-2

8. Refinement of the PlayFab Account handling system.

9. Commencement of Menu Matchmaking UI Creation.

10. Initiation of In-game Scoreboard UI Creation.

11. Commencement of Miscellaneous UI creation for all game modes, such as Player Elimination Stats, etc.

12. Commencement of Player Menu profile UI creation.

13. Initiation of Milestone-3

14. Conducted 72 Hours of Alpha Testing for the aforementioned updates.

1–15 May

1. Completion of Main Menu UI.

2. Initiation of logic work for Settings UI.

3. Implementation of Weapon VFX and Finisher VFX.

4. Completion of Milestone-3

5. Completion and implementation of the second game mode.

6. Initiation of Milestone-5

7. Implementation of In-game UI.

8. Initiation of Milestone-4

9. Commencement of development on Training mode.

10. Initiation of Milestone -6

11. Conducted 72 Hours of Alpha Testing for the aforementioned updates.

15–31 May

1. Implementation of backend logic for Settings UI.

2. Completion of Milestone-4.

3. Finalization of Training mode Logic.

4. Completion of Character Vault system functionality.

5. Completion of Milestone-5

6. Implementation of Marketplace UI Logic.

7. Completion of Milestone-6

1–30 June

1. Initiation of development on Team-Deathmatch Game mode.

2. Commencement of Team-Deathmatch UI work.

3. Completion of PlayFab matchmaking logic for Team-Deathmatch.

4. Finalization of game mode logic for Team-Deathmatch.

5. Implementation of Team-Deathmatch UI.

6. Initiation of Phase 2

Note: Fueled by Q1’s success, our Q2 roadmap marks the beginning of a suite of web3 integration, with security as our absolute priority. Phase 1 comprises milestones 1–6 focusing on initial web3 integration, while Phase 2 extends and enhances the integration further. Extensive testing will be conducted to gather data and ensure a robust and secure system. Only after meeting all security benchmarks we will be moving onto the next phase. Stay tuned for more details — we can’t wait to share what’s next! Timeline subject to change.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates !!