Berlin Blockchain Week 2019: Panvala Recap

Sep 4 · 3 min read
The Panvala Launch Team. From left to right: Akua, Jacob, Niran, Romana and Peter. Missing on this picture: Daniel and Isaac.

Mainnet Launch on stage at DappCon

“When you talk to those outside the ecosystem, they think the blockchain community is just a bunch of people who got rich quick. I want to change that narrative — from one about private wealth to one about commonwealth.” — Niran Babalola, founder of Panvala

Celebrating at Full Node

Overheard: “It’s like Pokemon Go. I just gotta catch ‘em all!”

DappCon & ETHBerlin

We also met Tupac, the famous crypto dog, at ETHBerlin.
Bankwuptcy sucks. We’re sorry.

Let’s sustain Ethereum together.


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