Seven Grants Awarded for Ethereum 2.0 and Scaling Teams in Panvala’s Second Batch

Applications are open for Batch Three until June 7

3 min readMay 2, 2019


On Monday, April 29, the Panvala Awards Committee met and recommended a slate of grants for Panvala’s second batch. Seven grants were recommended out of the 13 applications that were submitted. (You can watch the video of their meeting here.)

Prysmatic Labs and Sigma Prime received 400,000 PAN each for their work on Ethereum 2.0 clients. Prysmatic Labs builds the Go-based Prysm client, and Sigma Prime builds the Rust-based Lighthouse client.

Connext, L4, and Prototypal received a total of 850,000 PAN for their work on generalized state channels using Counterfactual. Connext is making their existing state channel tools generalizable, L4 is making Counterfactual easier for developers to pick up, and Prototypal is integrating Counterfactual into MetaMask.

Ethers.js was awarded 300,000 PAN for work on version 5 of the popular Ethereum application library. Version 5 makes it easier to work with state channels, incorporates a toolchain similar to Ganache, and introduces a modular architecture to make it easier to extend the library.

The Panvala Awards Committee awarded itself the remaining 84,798 PAN of the 2,034,798 PAN that were available for distribution. Their work on reviewing and prioritizing grant applications is crucial to making Panvala work.

The Panvala Awards Committee’s recommendation was written to the Rinkeby testnet using the Panvala Slates app. When Panvala is live on the mainnet in August, anyone who believes that a recommended slate does not represent the consensus of the community can compete with it by recommending their own slate and staking tokens on it. This triggers a vote of token holders, and all losing slates will lose the tokens they staked.

We encourage all teams doing work that the whole Ethereum community depends on to apply for Batch Three of grants by June 7. Batch One had 2,119,836 PAN to allocate, Batch Two had 2,029,962 PAN (plus 4,836 PAN remaining from Batch One), and Batch Three will have 1,943,899 PAN. We will release a beta of the Panvala Slates app that the community will be able to use to recommend slates and demonstrate the voting process during Batch Three, which ends on August 3. Later in August, we will launch Panvala on the mainnet and begin governing the grant process on chain.

Panvala’s grants are made possible by our patrons who donate to reward the teams doing work we all depend on. Become a Founding Patron by pledging to donate by June 30. With your help, we will sustain Ethereum together.

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