The Supreme Court just dealt a devastating blow to immigrant families.

A heartbreaking reminder of the stakes in this election.

Today’s deadlocked Supreme Court decision in Texas v. United States is a heartbreaking setback for families at risk of being torn apart by deportation.

The DACA and DAPA programs together granted deportation protections to millions of undocumented immigrants who were either brought to the United States as children or have children who are U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents.

Today’s decision means these programs will continue to be barred by the lower courts, and leaves the fate of immigration reform in the hands of the next president. And the visions of the two candidates are radically different.

Donald Trump had already declared that he would end DACA and DAPA as president — and he has vowed to enact mass deportations using a “deportation force.”

His disdain for immigrant families couldn’t be more clear. Whether it’s calling Mexicans “rapists” or “murderers,” questioning a federal judge’s impartiality on the basis of his Mexican heritage, or calling for a “deportation force,” Trump’s hateful rhetoric has been consistent since his first day as a candidate. Once again, we are reminded of the stakes in this election — not only for the millions of families who live in the shadows, but also for the direction we want to take our nation.

Hillary Clinton’s approach to immigration reform is based on values — not antagonism.

“I believe we are stronger together. When we embrace immigrants, not denigrate them. When we build bridges, not walls. That is why, as president, I will continue to defend DAPA and DACA, and do everything possible under the law to go further to protect families. It is also why I will introduce comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship within my first 100 days. Because when families are strong — America is strong.”

— Hillary Clinton

Immigrants are woven into the very fabric of America — they are our friends, our neighbors, our brothers and sisters. They are doctors, teachers, students, and serve proudly in our military.

Today’s ruling is a devastating setback, and it makes it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that passing comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship begins with getting Hillary Clinton elected to the White House.

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