Baby Portrait session with Annabelle

January 2017

I was very lucky to spend some time with a wonderful little girl called Annabelle recently — newly introduced to the world and one of the youngest models to pose for me.

The photoshoot took place at her home with her proud mum and dad, who I asked to just go about their normal business while I snapped. There was no flash use, no artificial light, just the mid morning sun and a set of patio doors.

Being able to be relaxed and natural helped Annabelle’s natural character show through and her parents to remember just what she was like at this age.

At this age you can expect a lot of crying. That’s fine. It’s what babies do. In the course of an hour you see so many wonderful expressions and curious looks, it’s worth the wait.

Often fleeting, much of my time is spent hovering around, being ready to capture a momentary change, before crying or sleeping resumes.

Many of the best photos show the love and interaction between parent and child. A group snap is nice to have too.

While baby is sleeping, they’re still moving and changing. Plus I get the chance to snap dad too while he looks on and talks about his new daughter.

Spending time in the arms of friends can be a great way to get different reactions out of babies too, so the more people at the baby shoot the merrier!

Many thanks to Annabelle and her parents for letting me share this shoot with everyone. I’m sure I’ll be back for another once she’s a little older!


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