Birthday Invitation Ideas for Your Child’s 1st Birthday Party

It seems like just yesterday you were bringing your newborn home from the hospital, and seconds later, here you are planning their first birthday party. Where did the past year go?

Not only is your child’s first birthday party a huge milestone in their life as they grow up, it is also your first opportunity to invite your loved ones over to celebrate the first year of your child’s life. While you will celebrate many more important birthdays in the future, now is your first, and you’ll want to make sure it’s a special event that celebrates all of the incredible things that have happened in the past year of your child’s life.

At Paper Style, we know how meaningful a 1st birthday party is to both you and your family, so we carry a wide selection of first birthday party invitations to make your celebration something special. No matter what kind of party you’re planning for this special event, you’ll be able to find the perfect birthday invitation to match to get your guests excited about the upcoming celebration!

Animal Invitations

One theme you can never go wrong with for a young child’s birthday party is animals! If you’re going for a fun animal theme for your child’s first birthday, you’ll be able to find an invitation to match that is sure to be adored by your guests and animal-lovers alike.

Circus Invitations

Is there anywhere more exciting for a kid to go to than the circus? If you want to turn your birthday party into a mini circus for your child and your guests, then a similarly themed circus birthday invitation will get your guests (and their young ones) excited for the party! With bright and bubbly colors and vibrant circus imagery, these birthday invitations are a sure shot to get your guests excited to celebrate your child’s first with you.

Boat & Sailing Invitations

Whether or not sailing and boating is one of your passions in life, a nautical-themed party can make an adorable first birthday party theme for your young one! Whether it’s your baby boy or baby girl that’s setting sail, we have plenty of adorable nautical designed birthday invitations that will get your guests ready to hop aboard and sail away for a fun birthday celebration!

Basic Invitations

If you’re not going for a specific theme and just want to gather your loved ones to celebrate your first year with your child, we have a huge selection of standard birthday invitations that are beautifully designed and sure to grab your guests’ attention. In fun patterns like polka dots and stripes and with imagery of birthday cakes, balloons, and more, you’ll be all set in finding an adorable birthday invitation to get the party started.

As first birthday parties are your first opportunity to celebrate a birthday with your child, you’ll be excited to get this special celebration underway — and with our wide variety of birthday invitations, you’ll be ready to start celebrating your child with your loved ones right away!

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