We’ve Animated Medium Emails.

Receiving emails from Medium.com has never been so much fun.

Emails have always been black and white.

And for the most part, they still are.

Your typical inbox, chooses to show emails in a ‘content neutral’ way, right up until you tap them. It’s been that way for some time.

But why’s that?

Dynamic emails

What if instead of having to open every email you get, some messages could automatically fetch you a visual summary of their contents?

That’s what we’re exploring with the latest update to Paperfold, our visual email app for iPad.

Now when you receive an email from Medium in Paperfold, it will show up as an animated message.

Behind the scenes, the app automatically runs through the article links in the Medium message, displaying rich thumbnails and deep-links straight out to the original articles.

It looks a bit like this:

Tapping a Medium email in Paperfold, opens the original email, whilst tapping the button next to the headline opens the article itself.

We discovered that when emails ‘show off’ their rich content in this way, the sender’s visibility increases, which leads to more engagement of the target content.

In other words, when emails reveal more about what they contain, they get more taps.

Email history as a visual bookmark

To stress test this new feature, we moved a bunch of Medium emails to an ordinary email folder.

It turns out this is a convenient way to bookmark and browse previous Medium emails you might want to come back to later.

Check out the stress test below:

We think dynamic emails like these are the future of consumer email.

They require no special delivery settings from the sender’s end because the app handles how the email gets seen by the user.

Emails are like bridges

Emails and the links they contain are like bridges to the people and web services we’re interested in.

We want to make these bridges smarter and more intuitive for our users.

To find out more, visit www.paperfold.me or contact us at hello@paperfold.me.

Download Paperfold v1.5 for iPad: http://bit.ly/paperfoldapp

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