Hint that will help to learn independently

Find a point of curiosity

The desire to learn new things is natural for humans. Curiosity — the necessary quality that helps us to survive in a changing world, make discoveries and move progress. And it was healthy curiosity — the strongest motivation to learn.

Modern technology helps to make a study really exciting and interesting. Video, tests, games simulators, bonuses for achievements — all this helps our students to immerse your head in the process of acquiring new knowledge.

But it never hurts to throw in the fire of curiosity a couple or two logs.

In any area, you can find a point of curiosity — the question of perspective, look at the subject or problem, which will be interesting for you. Consider how these facts can be useful in your work and what you can use to find them today. “What’s curious to me?” — That’s the question that will change the whole process of acquiring new knowledge. Leo Babauta, a freelance writer and the author of a blog about minimalism, recommends asking yourself this question every time you’re going to learn something. If you are not interested in writing papers, you can order the work in services like Papersowl. But you can find something interesting for yourself in this? In addition to the focus on curiosity helps you find the key to long-term motivation, it also distracts our inner critic.

Timothy Galway, author of the concept of inner game, talking about two sides of personality in each of us. I-1 is the quality of the censor. I-2 — this is our inner potential, three-year-curious, willing to learn, to learn new things, and full of self-belief. I-1 constantly interfere in the activities I-2, and to achieve maximum effectiveness, it is clear enough interference, and then your inner potential to find the best way to achieve the goal. In a situation where you focus your attention on the I-1 than any kind of search in a curious aspect of this or that question, I-2 is engaged in his work — he learns, learns new and useful skills gets the best way for him.

Use the explorer approach every time is taken for study. Ask yourself — what in this topic curious for me? Conduct a research project to find out the cause-and-effect relationships, find new ways to solve problems or find all the details in the current issue. Curiosity — that is the most powerful motivation to learn.