The young company turns one year old on Saturday, March 26th. It deserves to celebrate, smash that cake and dig in.

A letter to Periscope from Parachute TV:

Periscope, when you were born we fell in love. You were new, fresh and exciting! We played trivia with strangers around the world. Invented the Periscope Puppet and played “Would You Rather” games with newfound friends from Canada to Hawaii.

We jumped into windows of people around the world showing us their small (but important) corner of existence. It was fascinating — it truly felt like a teleportation device had been invented.

As you grew, we fell deeper in love. We made sure to see you every day. You grew so fast and were so wise. After only 8 weeks there had been 380 years of content broadcast. You were like Benjamin Button at birth.

Then one day, on August 2nd 2015 you had 10 million users. We knew we weren’t alone in our admiration. We launched Parachute TV in August and built upon a community that we had respected for months. We found an exciting marriage and made a true home for ourselves in this amazing ecosytsem. Periscope is a warm, exciting and vibrant community. Through the intimate lens and coverage of news events by civilians, it opened our eyes to people we never would have met and took us places we never would have seen.

When the attacks in Paris happened on November 15th 2015 we turned to Periscope and watched the tragedy continue to unfold. Found comfort in those on the ground in Paris telling their story. We found comfort here in LA at the French Embassy attending a vigil we shared on Periscope via Parachute TV. Periscope helped unite us during that sad time.

On December 2nd 2015, in San Bernadino, tragedy struck again and we turned to Periscope. Jon Erlichman (journalist and co-founder of Parachute TV) went to the scene and covered the aftermath of the despicable event.

Periscope had come into sharp focus. On December 9th 2015 Periscope was named Apple’s app of the year. We were not surprised!

It has been quite a year! When we started Parachute TV we were so excited that we could create a TV channel on Periscope with 50 scheduled shows a week and have broadcasters from all over the world contribute amazing content simply by pulling out their phones and pushing Start Broadcast. Periscope is easy to use. Anybody, anywhere can do it and that is awesome.

The people we have met through Periscope have been so interesting and bring with them such vastly different viewpoints, skills and talents — another reason we were inspired to showcase them on Parachute TV. Broadcasters, such as Phillip Wilburn who impersonates Donald Trump bring humor and relevancy to this confusing time. People such as Hilary Silver and Melissa Leger help us make sense of relationships, and talent such as Season and Snare entertain. Such amazing talent we are proud to know and have on our network.

Periscope is a visual app. When it is used solely visual there are no language barriers and that is very cool. One of our scopes that Periscope featured was from the pov of a drone racing around a neon lit track. It didn’t matter if you spoke French, Spanish, Russian or English or any other language. You could watch it, enjoy it and think it was damn cool! And that is cool.

Parachute TV was very lucky to be featured by Periscope on February 5th 2016 and we are so thankful for their support. It was wonderful to have our talented team of broadcasters who create thoughtful programming each week recognized.

Periscope is definitely the first social media that got us social. We connect daily in an intimate way and meet new people in person all the time in different cities around the world.

Periscope, thank you for being born. You made our lives shine with all the colors of the rainbow… like a parachute with many colors. :)

We are big fans. We can’t wait for Year Two and to go forward with your innovative & fresh approach.

Caroline Lesley for Parachute TV