“God favors the bold”, I read once ago. Although my memory is not that great, that phrase
got deeply ingrained into my subconscious mind.

Truth is, boldness is the one single element that caused the development of humanity. It was the bold those who were ambitious and courageous enough to have a dream, plan and act accordingly.

Also, there’s another factor in boldness; nonconformism

Imagine being told what you should do, read, study, work on, etc. And now, imagine being bold enough to discard all of that, and go on your own.

Yet, the bold ones face loneliness, as those who live “regular lives”, more often than not, would rather cut ties, just not to be reminded of the possibilities that life gives us and keep missing.



Matías Fagián

I share my thoughts on the collusion between the new and the old, and how it affects us as humans.