Universe pulsates in receipt of all deeds,
filling and swelling, 
it increasingly feeds.
In course all science could never agree
that kindness and 
love and souls 
casting free
could ever be 
proved irrefutably.
But there is a science
accepted as theory 
in that for every action
there follows a reaction,
as links, life chain
coupled with query.
The physics suggest,
to my queer supposition,
in wake of bad deeds 
Universe shrinks in attrition.

The opposite force 
as expected, contrary. 
All goodness from sources
with warnings, "Be wary!" 
Of greed and
of power and 
of egos well bloated.
And for loved ones now lost
we hatch teardrops 
so loaded 
and poised, set to fall,
for family, 
for friends,
for everyone, 
The sum of their voices 
rise en masse and call,
once so vague, 
now astride, with 
each precious life 
that once walked or
once swam or 
once flew, 
endured strife.

Curious how
maintains its amassing 
of good deeds 
and bad deeds 
and awfully 
sad passings.
Expanding, contracting 
in steady respirations,
inhaling, exhaling, 
sustaining aspirations.
Then failures and 
cruelty and 
harm against others.
Our sisters and 
fathers and 
mothers and 

The bosom of 
rises and falls, 
each breath keeping pace 
with low tides, sudden squalls,
as these good deeds 
and bad deeds
are offered at altar...

breathes deeply
without stumble 
or falter. 
© 05/11/2017
Jane Abbott

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