Paralism will attend the north American blockchain expo and officially open the ecology

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President Xi jinping stressed that China should strive to be at the forefront of theory, occupy the commanding heights of innovation and gain new industrial advantages in field of blockchain. Paralism- parallel blockchain technology platform will participate in the north American blockchain expo and delivery a speech in the “business of blockchain”, which is to show the independent innovation of Chinese blockchain technology and explore the ecological application of blockchain with the whole global industry.

The 2019 north American blockchain expo will be held in the Santa Clara Convention Center, a place full of high-tech enterprises On November 13th -14th. As the largest blockchain exhibition in the United States, the conference has been held for four years and will bring together more than 12,000 participants from more than 70 countries, including established technology giants such as IBM and Oracle , also blockchain head companies such as Hyper Ledger, ethereum enterprise alliance and IOTA, as well as industry representatives such as wal-mart and The Goldman Sachs Group.

The leader in parallel blockchain technology and representative of Paralism of parallel digital economy platform are also invited to participate in the exhibition. The founder Shi Xingguo will deliver an important speech on the 14th, and officially launch the Paralism ecology overseas. As Shi Xingguo said, this meeting is an ecological joining invitation for parallel blockchain technology infrastructure to face the whole world and the whole industry. It also shows that independent innovation of Paralism and hyperchain .

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Blockchain for Business Stage

Paralism will give a speech at the Blockchain for Business Stage , and discuss the commercialization of blockchain technology with IBM, VMware, R3, Binance,YGCYeoman’s Growth Capital). President Xi Jinping pointed out that to promote the deep integration of the blockchain and the real economy, also Gartner Consulting company is listed on the “practical blockchain” in its 2020 Top Ten Technology Strategic Technology Trends Forecast. The focus of the blockchain for China and the world has been combined from cryptocurrency to commercial blockchain.

Parallel blockchain technology of Paralism can accommodate both the consortium chain and public chain , multi-chain coexistence; and support unstructured or structured data, financial and non-financial businesses — it is best way to support large-scale commercial . The varies digital economy platform with multi-service and multi-type data is also most suitable for integration of AI , Internet, edge computing, big data and other technologies to build a new digital economic infrastructure.

With patented parallel blockchain technology, Paralism can support multi-chain parallelism, where each single chain can be dynamically shard , providing unlimited scalability and business that is unmatched by any blockchain for business and digital assets across each chain. Paralism allows a sub-chain to be customized and can be flexibly combined with the business logic of each industry. In addition, Paralism’s cross-chain interaction solution allows for between businesses and assets that can be efficient interaction or trading , thus truly improving the efficiency of the real economy. It will create a new digital economy that is more efficient and open.

Independence and Interconnection of Business

The theme of paralism on the commercial stage of the blockchain is: Independence & Interconnection: Innovate Businesses with Parallel Blockchain. Supported by parallel blockchains, Paralism built value network on businesses and digital assetsto remain independent while maintaining a new value network between the enterprise, assets, goods and data. Automated interactive interconnection to reshape the Internet platform and the digital economy. Since the parallel chain was invented , services such as copyright, social applications, supply chain, international trade, and decentralized finance have been running on the platform.

Paralism has already started code-level collaboration with all kinds of partners: using parallel blockchain technology to build a social networking platform; using parallel blockchain technology to support the characteristics of unstructured data. The platform creates a decentralized content platform-UYoo; using Paralism’s issue a chain function, it cooperates with UCO Media to use its advertising resources as an asset to achieve asset securitization.

During the conference , Paralism welcomes developers, corporate and financial pioneers to join ecosystem to enhance their own value network. Participants can use the advantage of parallel blockchain technology , and enjoy features such as self-service token and chain issuance, stable token distribution, expansion and cross-chain solutions, and industrial templates, and run business or manage the digital assets independently and interconnected.

It Begins Here,to the Independence and Interconnection of Value



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With parallel blockchain technology, Paralism is poised to be the infrastructure for the web of next generation and for the backbone network of value.

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