5 startup trends to watch in 2017

The 18th dimension
Jan 9, 2017 · 3 min read

Entrepreneurs know unpredictability very well and, as 2016 showed us, anything goes in life. But in the midst of the uncertainty, there are a number of trends to watch on 2017.

Let’s take a look on startups trends that are expected to be big this year:


With the U.S. election-Russian debacle capturing the attention of everyone in the past weeks, cybersecurity has been on everyone’s mouth. But, cybersecurity is not just about nations, finances, and corporations. With the rise of smarteverything -house, phone, watch, you name it- cybersecurity will become ubiquitous to regular Joes and Janes all over the world. Startups focusing on how to protect your tech, which chances are contains your private information, from outsiders attacks.


Bitcoin has been out for a hot second, transforming electronic finances since its conception. But is its backbone, blockchain, that is on its way to transform the financial world and beyond by providing transparency to transactions. Startups that utilize blockchain are varied, from a vintage shoe marketplace to healthcare transactions. But it’s the benefits for cybersecurity in utilizing blockchain “distributed nature” that will continue to be one to watch in 2017. Not sure you understand what Blockchain is? Here’s an explainer.


With the ever growing legalization and its increasingly outspoken support, cannabis is one to watch. With Colorado surpassing its profits expectations by millions, cannabis will continue to be blazing force in 2017. Apps like Potbot, that help patients choose the right strain according to the medical condition, will cement the normalcy around its use. Startups focusing on tech and health will be a trend to watch during 2017.


AI is no longer that Haley Joel Osment movie about the little boy robot that needed love. AI is your Google Assistant telling you how long traffic will take, the self-driving car that will take you places, the chatbots on Messenger. AI will continue to gain territory in 2017 as startups have more accessibility to create a voice for their companies utilizing AI. The current accessibility on AI will allow for newer players to come to the startup arena with fresh ideas on health, machine learning, chatbots, among others.


From Fitbits, Apple, and Samsung watches to Snapchat Spectacles and, hey, remember Google Glass? Wearables will continue to be a trend in the upcoming year. As tech-centric wellness continues to (calmly) break the bare life stereotype (living in a secluded cabin would be nice, but we like people and our wifi), wearable technology becomes one of its biggest assets. Wearables also take it a step further on the health realm, using its technology for health, with stethoscopes-like tracking and for research on various conditions and diseases, such as Parkinson’s

Without a doubt, 2017 will bring new, powerful players to the startup arena. Are you ready?

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The 18th dimension

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