6 strategies to be productive when working from home

Starting a business from scratch many times includes saving on rent by working from home. And this looks good on paper: it’s a comfortable space, you save in food, utilities, furniture and you don’t have to commute. However, being too comfortable could also be a burden for your productivity.

You’ll meet your worst enemy working from home: DISTRACTIONS. Your bed, the fridge, the couch, that magazine in your coffee table will work hard to get you out of focus.

And ignoring them is hard. However, there are certain tricks that can help you be productive while working from home:

Create a dedicated work space:

There are certain structures that you should keep from working in a office. For example, having a real office space. Start by painting your walls and establishing a mood, try blue or green for productivity and balance, or yellow for creativity. The psychology of color is a real thing and how you manage color in your space really influences your work behavior.

Do your morning work routine:

This is your business so treat it as such. Dress up in a work casual outfit and make coffee or tea (it can help you be more productive.) DO NOT FALL INTO PAJAMA MODE. Creating your “going to work” morning routine will transform your mindset from staying in bed to “let’s do this” mode.

Pimp your lighting:

If you have natural light in your at-home office space, use it as much as you can. Try to make your lighting flexible. Think about the kind of work that you do. Are you reading lots of physical documents or do you mostly work on a computer screen? Get individual lights or lamps that can be turned off or on according to your needs.

Get a little noise:

Choose music depending on your type of work. To maintain your focus without too much multitasking, search for instrumental music or tunes in a foreign language. These two options will give you a cognitive boost because your brain won’t have to decipher lyrics or a language and instead will be more alert and focused on the task at hand, especially if you’re writing.

For example, classical music can be effective for numerical and detailed work, while ambient music can be good for accuracy in solving equations. Here’s a guide to choose the right music for the right task.

Keep your monitor at eye level:

Tired eyes are never good for productivity. Working from home requires you to make your office as healthy and ergonomic as possible. Your monitor has to be 20" to 30" from you and your eyesight should be right in front of the top.

Take a limited break (besides lunch):

Do you remember when you were fighting with shutting your eyes at 2:00 pm? Working from home allows you to take that desired power nap. Your mind, eyes and body will work better when rested. Napping is not the same as procrastinating. Just give yourself a time limit, and use an alarm.

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