These are some of the open calls, events, and more going on in the entrepreneurial community in Puerto Rico and Latam in May

The startup community is not limited to those near you and their connections. There is a world — literally!- of opportunities that can help your entrepreneurial growth beyond what you think is possible. Here are some of the May events or open calls that will help you learn, network and more in Puerto Rico and Latin America.


Puerto Rico

What: PR Innova // When: Apply by May 10th // What’s the Deal: The program is funded by the Economic Development Administration of the federal government (CCE, in Spanish), which seeks the development of new innovative business ideas that generate labor and economic scalability in Puerto Rico. // Application & Info:


What: South Summit// When: Apply by May 15th, event happens in June 20th// What’s the Deal: A competition for Latin American startups focused on innovation. // Application & Info:


Puerto Rico

What: CIO & IT Leadership Conference // When: May 17th // What’s the Deal: The CIO & IT Leadership Conference has become the premier IT B2B platform in the Caribbean and the perfect opportunity for Puerto Rico’s private and public sector leaders to engage in an important direction-setting dialogue on the role of IT, as a principal engine of innovation and economic development for the Island. // Register here:

What: Shopify + Facebook (Create your e-commerce) // When: May 11th // What’s the Deal: Seminar that teaches you how to create your online store using Shopify. Furthermore, you’ll get to choose your supplier, create a virtual store, choose your domain, prepare your inventory, order processing, returns and unite it with Facebook! // For info & tickets:

What: Amazon FBA & Dropshipping // When: May 25th // What’s the Deal: Amazon FBA & Dropshipping course! Did you know that 96 Million people enter Amazon monthly? — Did you know that it is the largest Ecommerce platform in the world? What do you think if you could be one of those who benefit from this data? // For info & tickets:

What: How to market an innovative technology // When: May 18th // What’s the Deal: The Pathway to Award Workshop is designed for people actively interested in commercializing innovative technology. The program’s goal is to inform participants of the potential value available to small business innovators through the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) programs and provide hands on support to transition innovative technology to commercialization through US Federal funding mechanisms. // Register:

What: Conference for Small and Medium Enterprises + Networking // When: May 6th // What’s the Deal: This event will bring together entrepreneurs, team leaders, software experts, IT professionals and service providers from around the world to obtain more information about Odoo’s business management solutions and to learn about the latest version of our software. // For info & tickets:


What: Fuckup Night // When: TBA // What’s the Deal: Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to share publicly business failure stories. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures. Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images. After each speaker, there’s a question/answer session, as well as time for networking. // For info:


What: Enterprise UX Day 2019 // When: May 23th // What’s the deal: Enterprise UX Day is a conference day aimed at professionals interested in applying UX research and design to build better digital products in business contexts. // For info & tickets:

What: Y Combinator Growth Talks // When: May 7th // What’s the deal: Beek and Platzi join to invite you to the first Y Combinator event in Mexico. They’ll have the presence of Gustaf Alströmer, who was Head of Growth on Airbnb and is now one of the partners in Y Combinator. Gustaf will be interviewed by Freddy Vega (CEO of Platzi, YC 2015) and Pamela Valdés (CEO of Beek, YC 2017). // For info & tickets:

What: Finnovista Pitch Day // When: May 23th // What’s the deal: The Fintech benchmark meetup in various Spanish-speaking cities, announces its second edition of the year for Mexico City, focused on Insurtech. Join us to explore the 5 best solutions that seek to bring the agility and 360º connection with the users that the insurance industry needs! // Register here:

What: E-commerce Day // When: May 4th // What’s the deal: E-commerce Day is a 6-hour e-commerce training where you’ll learn a quick, complete and practical overview of what e-commerce is. Furthermore, you’ll get a better understanding of its main elements, context in the world, as well as understanding LatAm and Mexico’s market advantages, challenges and how to make your e-commerce grow in them. // For info & tickets:


What: Startup Pitch Bootcamp: Learn How To Pitch // When: May 14th // What’s the deal: If you have an idea that could be better explained and more clearly, join the Startup Pitch Bootcamp. In just three hours, this intensive workshop will help you improve your Pitching skills and understand the components of a great Pitch, giving you a lot of practice until you get it right. Pitching is the key skill of every successful entrepreneur. // For info & tickets:

What: Personal Branding: How to promote your brand on Google // When: May 9th // What’s the deal: Have you heard saying “if you’re not in Google you do not exist”? Even if you think that such a thing is an exaggeration, keep in mind something very true: if you’re one of those people you’re surely losing or you will lose many job and business opportunities. This will be a dynamic conversation from which you will leave with clear notions that will lead you to action, and thus start paying for your Digital positioning. // For info & tickets:

What: World Product World // When: May 15th // What’s the Deal: Come celebrate World Product Day together with 80 cities from more than 40 countries! The event has the aim of sharing ideas, creating relationships and continuing to build the international community. In Santiago, there’ll be a discussion mainly about product discovery, and the development of digital products in the midst of a digital transformation. // For info:

What: Google Analytics and Digital Metrics // When: May 9th // What’s the Deal: Get to know the latest trends in Digital Marketing and digital metrics. Understand the relevance of Google Analytics and how to be able to perform a metrics strategy based on a methodology focused on business results. // For info:


What: Endeavor Experience // When: May 16th // What’s the Deal: The #ExperienciaEndeavor is the largest entrepreneurial event in the country and the meeting point for the entrepreneurial world. The experience travels the country offering talks with national and international speakers, meetings with companies and investors, and panels with different themes. // For info & tickets:

What: Innovation and Technology Festival // When: May 22th // What’s the Deal: The FITS is a dynamic, open and free festival for the third sector and social projects where you can learn and train in technology, innovation, open data, civic technology and innovative methodologies. // For info:

What: Investment Forum // When: May 22th // What’s the Deal: The Forum will bring together the main references of the private capital industry to discuss current and future investment opportunities, macroeconomic trends, and the state of development of the industry at the local, regional and global levels. // For info & tickets:


What: Big Data In Official Statistics — Digital Economy and Development // When: May 7th // What’s the Deal: A space for learning and innovation, accompanied by national and international experts, who will expose the aspects involved in the use of Big Data, blockchain and artificial intelligence to strengthen statistical production in Colombia. // For info:

What: The future of innovation: Entrepreneurship and companies working together // When: May 21th // What’s the Deal: In its second edition of ‘B2B Tech, Business & Innovation’ — Bogotá, there’ll be a talk about the future of innovation: Companies & Startups working together. You’ll be able to firsthand review, through its protagonists, the successful case of acceleration between SmartQuick and the Corona Organization. // For info: