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VOTE FOR: Puerto Rico Becomes a Creative Hub ‘Pasito Pasito’

Priceless creative work needs cost-effective, quality infrastructure to make the most without sacrificing quality. Puerto Rico, a U.S. Jurisdiction, provides a competitive landscape with a bonafide pool of creative talent. For the music industry there’s a potential to establish a global hub in the island through the combination of tax incentives for exporting services, creatives can establish their operations in paradise and make the most out of their budgets.

VOTE FOR: Where’s My Village? Single Latina Moms in Startups

Women in Latin America and the Caribbean are seeing opportunities and becoming entrepreneurs at an accelerated pace, many of them while raising children without a partner. Most of them stay small, but some have set to build global tech companies and they’re disrupting not only their industries, but also cultural norms and traditional gender roles in conservative societies. How do they find the right support, and balance the needs of a growing business and their families?

VOTE FOR: Beyond Remesas: Diaspora and Emerging Startup Hubs

The Latin American diaspora has been an important economic drive for the region, but is not all about the money, it’s also about knowledge transfer. In the last decade, emerging startups ecosystems in Central and South America and the Caribbean have reached out to successful entrepreneurs and professionals living abroad to help develop technical capabilities; broaden the network beyond the local players, and attract investors. The results of these collaborations are starting to show.

VOTE FOR: Startup/Big Corp Partnerships for Competitiveness

In an age where all industries are getting disrupted by the minute, long-standing/traditional businesses can’t afford to stay behind. One way of staying ahead of the curve is constantly and continuously engaging startups. However, this not only benefits the companies involved, we’ve learned that by connecting startups with potential corporate partners in Puerto Rico, the US and LATAM, there’s a massive impact on the country’s competitiveness.

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