These are the events and open calls happening in September

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This season is coming to an end but the events just keep coming. The startup community is not limited to those near you and their connections. There is a world — literally!- of opportunities that can help your entrepreneurial growth beyond what you think is possible. Here are some of the September events or open calls that will help you learn, network and more in Puerto Rico and Latin America.


Puerto Rico

What: Fuckup Nights Ponce // When: September 4th // What’s the Deal: Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to share publicly business failure stories. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures. Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images. After each speaker, there’s a question/answer session, as well as time for networking. // Register here:

What: The Right Platform for your Business (online business) // When: September 5th // What’s the Deal: Puerto Rico Emprende hosts this event where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the different platforms available to set up your virtual business. The resource for this workshop will be the business consultant Natalia S. Figueroa Emanuelli. // For tickets & info:

What: pre18’s Startup Job Fair! // When: September 5th // What’s the Deal: If you;re looking for an internship in innovative and dynamic companies and study marketing, advertising, journalism, programming, design or business administration, this event is for you. Bring copies of your resume and get ready for formal interviews. // Register:

What: SME Power Breakfast // When: September 5th // What’s the Deal: SME Puerto Rico presents you an event focused on the influence of movement and its effect on the economy, social media and creativity. // For info & tickets:

What: Leadership in Times of Crisis & Leadership in The Startup World // When: September 6th // What’s the Deal: Experts on leadership and the startup world, Thomas J. Delong and Steve Papa will be the resources of the day. Furthermore, the event will host a startup showcase by parallel18’s alumni. // For info & tickets:

What: All-In-One Digital Marketing Workshop // When: September 27–28 // What’s the Deal: Four workshops of 4 hours each (16 contact hours), where they will be teaching you the strategies you need to know on how to position your business through Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Graphic Design. // For tickets & info:


What: Understand the development ecosystem and talk better with developers // When: September 5th // What’s the deal: In this workshop you’ll learn everything behind a page or application. From the choice of adequate language to its rise to production in an online hosting and how you can express yourself better in tech environments. // For info & tickets:

What: FuckUp Nights 7th Anniversary // When: September 12th // What’s the deal: Join them to celebrate the seventh anniversary of a global movement born right there in Mexico City. The event will feature a DJ set and the BEST failure stories yet. // For info & tickets:

What: Campaign optimization on Facebook V2 (WeWork Warsaw) + ChatBots // When: September 17th // What’s the deal: Improve your Facebook performance. Reach more people with less money. Develop a strategy to become viral. Mix your strategy with ChatBots. // Register here:


What: MeetUp Startup & Investment // When: September 3rd // June 4th What’s the deal: Talks by Fabio Tentori, Head of Enel Innovation Hubs of the Enel Group and Rodrigo Castro, Managing Director of Genesis Ventures, who will explain what corporations and VCs look for when working and investing in startups. // For info & tickets:

What: Startup Pitching Online // When: September 4th // What’s the deal: Learn about innovative startup projects, and pitch yours! Get advice from startup founders and experts. Gain confidence and prepare to impress people at your next opportunity. // Register:

What: Village Capital Finance Forward LatAm 2019 — Networking Event // When: September 4th // What’s the Deal: Village Capital, in collaboration with Metlife Foundation, PayPal, and Moody’s is launching Finance Forward Latin America 2019, an accelerator program to support and fund top startups promoting financial health in Latin America. This is part of a global Finance Forward series of events to support financial health innovations around the world. // Register here:

What: Techstars Global Weekend Sustainable Revolution Chile // When: June 21th // What’s the deal: An event in which in just 54 hours, you will experience the ups and downs, the fun and the pressure that life in a startup involves. As you learn how to create a real company, you will meet the best mentors, investors, founders and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. // For info & tickets:


What: Meet the Experts + After Emprendedor // When: September 5th // What’s the Deal: This is an initiative that connects entrepreneurs with experts in different areas such as Marketing, Sales, Social Networks, Tech and Finance, so that they can receive support, feedback and resolve doubts related to their ventures. // Register here:

What: STARTUPS: Understand Lean Startup vs. Design Thinking vs. Agile // When: September 6th // What’s the Deal: 90% of released consumer products, fail. But… you did nothing wrong! It is much deeper than that, so it is a wise step of any company to take a step back and reflect. Learn the differences, similarities, advantages, and limitations of different school of thoughts such as lean startup, design thinking, and agile deployment. // For info & tickets:

What: Health Innovatech // When: September 25th // What’s the Deal: The event proposes a tour of the initiatives that are changing the paradigm of medicine and health businesses. // Register here:


What: Innovation Labs: Construction, Metrics and Learning // When: September 4th // What’s the deal: In this edition you’ll have the opportunity to talk with the leaders of two of the most important innovation laboratories in the country. You’ll get to discuss: What are the laboratories? Why an innovation laboratory? How are they organized and managed? What are your goals? How do you measure your success? // Register here:

What: Weekend Coffee for Startup People/ When: September 8th // What’s the Deal: Any plans for the weekend? This event brings together a small group of local entrepreneurs over a cup of coffee in a relaxing and informal atmosphere. It’s your chance to make new connections, share advice, and brainstorm new ideas with the people that are trying to build a new project or start a freelancing career. // For info:

What: Techstars Startup Weekend Bogotá Women // When: September 20th — 22th // What’s the Deal: The Global Techstars Startup Weekend Women is the ideal place to look for a team, build a prototype, validate your business idea and receive feedback from the judges and mentors, all in one weekend. During this weekend we want to encourage women to undertake, so 80% of the participants will be women. Men can also participate, they will be a great support for all women. // For tickets & info:

What: TechTalks: Microsoft Bot VS AWS Lex // When: September 26th // What’s the deal: In this talk you’ll get to make the firsthand comparison of two technologies from two of the world’s biggest brands, which provide solutions for the easy implementation of Chat Bots based solutions. // Register here:

Open calls

What: 500 Startups LATAM// Closes: September 8th // What’s the deal: Selected companies get a US $60K investment and an acceleration program that lasts 16 weeks.// Apply here:

What: Point 25 Initiative// Closes: October 6th // What’s the deal: Point 25 matches the most promising women-led companies with amazing C-level Advisors for their Advisory Boards. The ‘Point 25’ name comes from the equity incentive of 0.25% that an advisor often receives when joining a startup’s advisory board. It is based on the belief that — while money is a large part of what determines the success of early stage companies — having the right network of helpful and influential advisors can really propel the business forward. This is also an effort to facilitate advisory board roles for prominent leaders who wish to give back to the startup ecosystem.// Apply here:

The 18th dimension

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Parallel18 is a startup accelerator that represents a unique gateway for global startups to scale from Puerto Rico.

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