These are the startups that will be part of Gen.4

The 18th dimension
Jul 5, 2017 · 1 min read
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And they’re in! Thirty-four companies will move to our headquarters in Santurce to participate in Gen.4. This group of companies come from 12 countries, including Puerto Rico, and they’re from very diverse industries.

We hope they’re ready to #WorkHardPlayTropical. See you guys in August!

Meet Gen.4:

Puerto Rico

  1. Señor Paleta
  2. Bonjour Ana
  3. StageBoom
  4. TextualMind
  5. BrainHi

United States

  1. re:3D Inc
  2. Atlas Wearables
  4. UpCraft Club
  5. ICM Hub
  6. HostTonight
  7. Kiwi Campus

From around the world

  1. Wisboo (Argentina)
  2. CamOnApp (Argentina)
  3. WOOCAR (Argentina)
  4. Omnia (Argentina)
  5. Husky (Brazil)
  6. Coinaction (Brazil)
  7. Faircoin (Canada)
  8. E-Voting (Chile)
  9. Ark Paradigm (Chile)
  10. Intelag (Chile)
  11. Backstartup (Colombia)
  12. Workep (Colombia)
  13. YUVOD (Spain)
  14. (India)
  15. Awesound (Ireland)
  16. StoreLevel (Mexico)
  17. EXCITED (Mexico)
  18. ByPrice (Mexico)
  19. CuidaMiMascota (Mexico)
  20. WeClub (Peru)

This post was updated on July 7th, since Ecoisme Limited and Vidcode will not be join us for Gen.4.

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