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The following is adapted from a speech Adrian Duyzer gave at the HamOnt IoT Conference 2017.

Before I start talking about IoT, I want to discuss another acronym: FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out.

This is an acronym that marketing people love, because they use it on you to try and get you to buy stuff.

It works because the fear of missing out is real. We’ve all done things we wouldn’t otherwise do because we were frightened of missing out.

So, why is FOMO so powerful? I think one of the reasons is because when you miss out on something, you’re left with something none of us want to experience. …

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Some might say that it was a huge leap in choosing to refocus and rebrand. We say it’s a bold decision for an always daring brand.

In 2016 Parallel decided to initiate our pivot of focus, looking towards solely building digital products and leaving the world of print services behind with our old moniker factor[e]. Knowing where our strengths were and recognizing the ever-evolving digital landscape, we wanted to be more aligned — we became Parallel.

Our vision is set on building apps for brands that recognize the need to focus on technology. …

We’re a team focused on beautiful design backed by serious technology: the kind of stuff there’s a huge amount of demand for right now. We need your help connecting us with the right opportunities. You can read all about us at

Biz Dev isn’t just about the money, it’s about setting the team up for success. You already know that, though. You’re the type of person who knows you can’t rush a good grilled cheese and that it’s all about a perfectly timed flip. …


Parallel Digital Studio

Parallel is a digital product studio, helping companies build user-friendly experiences.

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