America’s Army Can Be Smaller, Cheaper and More Lethal
War Is Boring

Keep this in mind, when times are tough, management never seems to lay itself off.

13% of the Army’s manpower are officers. There are nearly 30,000 people assigned to non-combat command staffs alone.

It is structured to WW2 with Army, Corps and Division echelons. When was the last time we deployed an entire division? When was the last time the Army operated with stand alone units and not with the other services? The way the Army and other services are structured is obsolete. It needs to be flattened and the number of BCT or RSGs or whatever you want to have increased.

In WW2, the Wehrmacht had under 2%. Even if you fudge the numbers by claiming there are so many more staff requirements, logistics, etc., you still shouldn’t have more than 5%. Way too many flag officers, esp. 3 and 4 stars.

You’d be doing the nation a favor by simply culling 90% of the Flag Officers and starting over.

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