15 Paraphrase Tools to Make Your Content Writing Easier

Use a Paraphrase Tool to Lighten Your Content Writing Work Load

Content is an essential element of every website. Good content that is new and provides useful information that readers want is something every online marketer is constantly chasing after. Writing your own original content can take a great deal of time. Hiring somebody to write original content for you can be expensive and for many website owners is not possible on the budgets they have. As an alternative to completely new content, older articles can be restructured and rewritten so that they appear to be a completely different article. The fastest way to rewrite older articles is by using automatic paraphrasing software to handle the job.

Select the Right Automatic Paraphrasing Online Tool

There are plenty of tools for paraphrasing paragraphs to be found online. Many of these software programs are free to use while other premium tools require payment. Consider your requirements and select the best tool for your particular needs and budget. The following are 15 automatic paraphrasing software tools that you can check out to get your search off to a good start:

  1. The Best Spinner: This is a fast tool that is easy to use. Its features include a Cloud based thesaurus and automatic full sentence rewriting functionality. The Best Spinner is a paid tool and is considered among the top rewriting devices available.
  2. WordAI: Creates content that can pass as human readable using a “Standard Spinner” mode and that is even better using “Turing Spinner” mode. The “Turing Spinner” is perhaps the best of any rewriting tool available. It is easy to use and has a 3 day no-risk trial. However beginning online marketers may find it a bit expensive. There is also a word limit of 250thousand on the “Turing Spinner” and 500thousand word limit on the Standard Spinner.
  3. Spinner Chief: Rewriting tool that offers both a free and paid version. Naturally the paid option offers more features. Spinner Chief has the ability to generate thousands of articles in just a few minutes. It uses a thesaurus based on cloud technology created by Spinner Chief and supports over 20 languages.
  4. Spin Rewriter Pro: Creates unique human readable content of good quality. It is easy to use with a web interface which makes it accessible at anytime and from any device. Spin Rewriter Pro uses Emulated Natural Language (ENL) and is more affordable than WordAI with a quality that is only slightly less. However it only supports English.
  5. Content Professor: Content Professor is a popular paraphrase website and includes a multilingual thesaurus. There is a free and a premium version. Premium features include a change assistant feature, advanced spell checker technology, customizable duplicate content checker and integration with Copyscape and Plagium.
  6. Chimp Rewriter: The developers of this tool maintain it is the first rewriting engine that actually understands the structure of sentences and paragraphs. Both free and paid options are available.
  7. Small SEO tool: Free paraphrasing service that scans your content for words that can be replaced with a synonym. Words that have been replaced are highlighted. By clicking on a highlighted word it can be changed back to the original or to get additional word suggestions.
  8. Jet Spinner: Jet Spinner has a free synonym finder with thousands of built in phrases and additional replacements are added regularly. You have the option to rewrite anything from a full article down to a single word.
  9. Calgonia: A free rewriting tool somewhat different from the others. It is referred to as a “human controlled” article spinner. A live person is required to write several versions of an article. All versions are spun together and to produce additional versions. Although not as fast as many tools for paraphrasing, the readability of the output articles is much better than that of most spinners. It is a tool aimed at content marketers who want readable spun articles and not just something that Google views as original.
  10. Paraphrasing Tool: Free tool that requires you answer a simple math question before using it. By default Paraphrasing Tool leaves words that are capitalized unchanged but if you want they may also be included.
  11. Spinbot: Spinbot is another free content spinning tool. It gives you the option to ignore words you don’t want rewritten as well as to leave words beginning with a capital letter unchanged
  12. Article Rewriter Tool: A free online tool that will rewrite the text you input. A captcha code must be entered to authenticate that you’re a human and not a bot.
  13. Ant Spinner: Another free article rewriter.
  14. Rewordify: Like the other free websites, there just copy and paste your content to a text box. Unlike most free tools entering a captcha code isn’t necessary.
  15. Complex Generator: Complex generator is a free online tool for paraphrasing anything from sentences to complete articles.

The tool you choose will depend what exactly you want to accomplish and how are you going to use the rewritten content. While there is no paraphrase tool that produces great content that is ready to read, many of them greatly reduce the amount of human input that goes into rewriting articles.

Choose the best paraphase tool for writing your paper!

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