Checking Plagiarism as Importamt Feature of PhD Papers

Checking Plagiarism in PhD Papers

For those not involved in the academic world, earning a PhD is the pinnacle of academic excellence and means you are among the most capable in the field. A PhD degree actually signifies that the person earning it is capable of conducting independent research at the doctorate level. A big part of earning a PhD revolves around the dissertation that candidates write, based on original research they have conducted. Usually many different sources sometimes numbering in the hundreds are used by candidates to help validate their own research. When writing dissertations it is critical that every resource be meticulously documented as any plagiarism will sink a candidate’s chance of earning their PhD. Dissertations aren’t the only PhD papers that such special care must be taken with. PhD papers are expected to be beyond reproach and each one must be treated the same with regards to referencing sources and avoiding plagiarism. As a result of this, it is a good ideas to use text paraphraser and to check your own work for plagiarism even if you are sure there are no problems.

Performing a Plagiarism Check on Your Own Work

There are basically two types of people who get PhD degrees. Some need it for a particular job or position. The rest are planning a career in research. A successful research career requires that you publish and publish often. While it is important to check all PhD papers for plagiarism, it is especially critical if you are planning a career in academic research. Many PhD research papers are peer reviewed by experts in the field with extensive knowledge of others peoples work. If you are in academic research and plagiarize you are going to get caught. Although your papers might not be scrutinized quite as closely if you aren’t pursuing a career in research performing a plagiarism check won’t hurt. With the many sources that are often used and the extensive use of citations it is easy to make a mistake. One such mistake is frowned on and more than one is going to get you work gone through with a fine-toothed comb. So, can you plagiarize yourself?

How to Check For Plagiarism Online

If you have written a research paper and want to do an online check, plagiarism tools are easily located. There are tools to check for plagiarism that are free as well as premium tools that you must pay to use. Not every tool is the same and some are much more thorough than others. If you are concerned about plagiarism then it is a good idea to invest a little bit in one of the better plagiarism checking tools that will be as thorough as any of those your school may use. It will still be relatively cheap and you will receive peace of mind as well as ensuing you haven’t overlooked anything. If you have found plagiarism in your work you can ask some paraphrase help.

Consequences of Plagiarism in PhD Papers

Plagiarism is perhaps the biggest crime you can commit in the academic world. At the PhD level there is very little tolerance even for accidental plagiarism. Plagiarism can result in your degree being revoked even years after a paper was submitted. It can ruin your reputation as a student and may follow you when you seek employment. There could be legal repercussions for plagiarizing, which might result in monetary penalties or even prison. Technology has made it easier to plagiarize that it ever has been but has also made it much simpler to check for. Taking advantage of the technology available for checking plagiarism, ensures your work is yours alone and is well worth the additional time and effort.

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