Here Are 7 Ways to Rephrase Paragraph Better

Reasons to Rephrase Paragraph Text

Rewriting paragraphs is one method of avoiding plagiarism as long as you properly cite the source of the material. Hard to understand text can be rewritten to make it more comprehensible to the average reader. These are just a couple of reasons why knowing how to paraphrase text can be a useful skill. Instructors often have students paraphrase text as the ability to rewrite something well in your own words demonstrates a thorough understanding of the ideas and concepts contained in the material. Paraphrasing is a learned skill and practice can improve it.

Suggestions and Tips to Rephrase a Paragraph Effectively

Although it is possible to paraphrase text online free of charge using automatic text rewriting software or paraphrasing website, the rewritten material will most likely still need to be revised and edited to make it useable. The ability to properly rephrase written material will still be necessary when using this free software. The following are seven tips and suggestions that will help you improve your paraphrasing skills:

  1. Understand the paragraph you are rephrasing: This is the single most important aspect of the entire process. The words used by the original author aren’t important. It is the idea they convey that should concern you. Once you completely grasp the idea it is relatively easy to put it in your own words.
  2. Paraphrase without looking at the original text: Reviewing the original text as you rewrite may cause you to you similar wording. Do the first draft without looking at the original. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect
  3. Keep your thesaurus use to a minimum: As much as possible make use of words you are familiar with. Excessive use of the thesaurus to find more impressive sounding words may well result in using an unfamiliar word out of context.
  4. Retain the original meaning: When you rephrase a paragraph it should mean the same thing as the original.
  5. Make sure you do a complete paraphrase: Changing the words in a paragraph isn’t a complete paraphrase. The structure that was originally used needs to be altered as well.
  6. Revise the rewritten paragraph for readability: Paraphrased material needs to read well, avoid awkward phrasing and meet the same requirements as any other well written material
  7. Compare your version to the original: Verify that the meaning hasn’t been changed and that wording and structure has altered to a sufficient extent. If you make any changes always go back and double check if those alterations affected the paraphrase meaning

Mastering paraphrasing may take time but these tips should help. Our company offers rephrasing services in the event you need something rewritten before you have mastered all of the paraphrasing techniques.

Our Rephrasing Service Advantages

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Technology has not passed us by and we also make use of automatic rewriting software that we developed ourselves. Some of th advantages of using our service for rewriting include:

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