Be the first!!!

We humans have this urge to be something,to be famous to be loved or have some special place. This desire feeds our minds to race for achieve that inner complacency.And why not,That is the force which end up in creating something more than beautiful.

Someone want to be the next bill gates,or the next zuckerberg,or the next soccer king as ronaldo!or me as the next Angelina Jolie(wink;)).There is no harm in such desire.This is a positive impulse towards the energy to push you when you have this becoming “something” in mind.

Lets take a moment and reverse our life to see what we actually are doing to becoming this next thing!

Have you ever felt so disgusting so that you wanna cry and humiliate your self?and did u do?No right!

Ahaan.. leave the depressing situations,the last time u did something more than awesome and no body cheered you?gave credit to you on that?Exactly not..

or leave all this just answer this one! Did you ever asked the old neighbor that does he/she ate today?needed any help for anything?Absolutely NOT!

So here we are.Let’s stop the race of being the “next”of something and switch to this.I bet you gonna love this,so lets try to“Be the first”!!

You did something wrong,terrible even disgusting go cry and humiliate yourself and get over it,before someone else humiliate you.

No one appreciated you for the good you did,did you appreciated yourself?so be the first to cheer yourself and go tap your back and say it loud I am awesome!

And do not forget the old neighbor while you can help him/her out!

So i don’t wanna be the next super famous!instead I will be “The first” of its own kind!