Paratii Review #10 🎉 — TCR, TCP, SEC and other three-letter acronyms

Curated thoughts on cryptoland, news about “Around the Block”, and development updates on Paratii.

Jun 1, 2018 · 4 min read

🎉 Hurray — this is our 10th issue! In an almost-steady monthly pace, we reached over 2.5k subscribers, who’ve opened our ❤-crafted digital letters more than 10.000 times. From the next issue onwards, we’re making these update-shots shorter (1/2 the length) and more frequent (2x / month). Hope you still enjoy the brain dump 💥

6 Handpicked Thoughts

People are putting serious effort into understanding virtual cat genes.

Original Content & Community

Following our interview on Fernando Ulrich’s channel on the last newsletter, this time we interviewed him for Around the Block, our web documentary project — watch a teaser of the talk here.

Fernando is one of the leading thinkers of the industry in Brazil. The ecosystem is mapped and some of the most interesting ChainTechs in the country are listed in this article.

If you’ve seen our events calendar, you could tell May was going to be busy. From São Paulo to Ljubljana to New York, we’ve been to hackathons, workshops & conferences on video/p2p development and the emerging token economy. Being on stage with an anonymous YouTuber wearing an old man mask was probably the weirdest bit of it all (join our Telegram today for more of this kind of fun).

See the guy on the right? That’s Epaminondas, a popular Brazilian crypto-tuber

Development status & Team updates

Paratii.JS interfaces with an open, modular, decentralised video streaming pipeline.

Feel free to send us any complaints about bad jokes, beta tester indications or technical feedback by writing to



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Decentralised video, before it went mainnet.

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