Paratii Review #11 — 💰 Tipping; My Videos; The Bitcoin Podcast

Development updates on the Paratii project, new features and content we’ve put out in the last month.


If you’re reading this because you’re a content creator, please take a bit of time to answer community member Rye’s survey. It shouldn’t take longer than two minutes.

🔨 Development updates

  • The same app now has a My Videos tab where users can see all of their own videos, their settings and statuses (#701).

⛵ Content and media

The Bitcoin Podcast: Felipe Sant Ana

Listen to our cofounder talk about Paratii as a decentralised alternative to Content ID and other proprietary, closed data curation systems.

💭Ads didn’t kill content monetisation - our lack of imagination did

A quest for sustainable content creation: from transactional, to ads, to subscriptions, to tokens.

Delegating votes to overcome the vote-splitting problem in TCRs

In token-based voting systems, a user can split his tokens over the alternatives and get guaranteed rewards without doing any useful work. Enabling vote delegation is a straightforward approach to solve the issue.

PTI: token summary

The Paratii protocol relies on a native utility token ($PTI) that grants access to agents willing to provide value to the network and compete in earning its rewards. Read all about it here.

Curation markets with infinite staking

Token Curated Registries are a crypto-economic construct for distributed curation. Some have predicted there’ll be a 1000 live TCRs this year. Others believe they’re overhyped.

🐛 Bug Fixes, improvements, small details

  • Implemented a translation system for web interfaces and notifications (#755).
  • Refactored contracts to conform to Solidity style guidelines (#59).
  • Defined schema and hooked up our indexer to read relevant data from the TCR contract on-chain (#174).
  • New header on the portal web app (#730)
  • Nice recognition for Yahya on the js-ipfs repo, as well as ongoing collaboration with lower-layer teams

Paratii in numbers

Github (this month)
✅ 18 pull requests merged

⚡ 261 commits

🛠 4,992 lines of code added

🔥 1,966 lines of code deleted

Community (so far)
💬 592 community members on Telegram

🐦 1,333 Twitter followers

💌 2,350 newsletter subscribers (hey, that’s you!)

🚀 What’s next

We hope you enjoyed this update! If you’d like to get instant updates, please join us on Telegram :)


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Decentralised video, before it went mainnet.

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