Paratii Review #9 — Pornhub welcomes YouTube dissidents, token curated playlists, the ICO carnage

Curated thoughts on cryptoland, news about “Around the Block”, and development updates on Paratii.

Mar 30, 2018 · 4 min read

Crypto keeps getting crushed by the big incumbents: after Facebook, Google and Twitter, now Mailchimp is blocking blockchain-related newsletters. The first of these, FB, has been disgusting the world after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with its combo of arrogance + ads bought on financial newspapers + a speech that’s impossible to swallow. At Paratii, we’ve been hard at work doing our first round of user tests and getting ready to open uploads to a wider audience. The market has taken some blows and ETH remains below $400 as of this writing. On the bright side of Ethereum, the first ETH Global Hackathon in Latin America was announced: 25–27th of May, in Buenos Aires!

YouTube’s growing list of restrictions has its refugees getting creative

🔫 As YouTube cracks down on firearms channels, vloggers move on to the obvious alternative: …Pornhub?

We’re not shy about touting ourselves as an alternative to YouTube here at Paratii, but the Hub may be more than we can handle.

🚀 Is your favorite cryptocurrency taking too long to get to the #MOON? Strap some boosters to it.

There are blockchain nodes in space right now, and NASA is throwing some cash at the idea that the tech could help with deep space communications.

🌐 Tim Berners-Lee has some wisdom to drop for the kids who are using the web he created: take it back!

In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica x Facebook scandal, Mr. WWW is none too pleased with how folks are raising his baby.

💸 You haven’t seen this much net worth cracking wise at each other since the Oscars

Maybe not quite as well-dressed. Fluffypony (of Monero), Charlie Lee (of Litecoin), @whalepanda and Samson Mow (of Blockstream) host episode #5 of their crypto podcast.

Statistical analysis shows 80% of ICOs are scams and only 8% actually make it to market.

Ok, maybe we got this one from /r/buttcoin, but it’s useful information to keep in mind when trawling for the newest investment hot tip.

💻 IBM’s tiniest computer yet is blockchain ready and costs less than ten cents to manufacture.

Is it too soon to imagine a world where literally everything has some sort of processing power attached, and works for decentralised bosses/networks, spare-time?

Original Content & Community

🇧🇷 Join our Telegram group.

We just broke 300 members, so hurry and get in before it’s too mainstream. Still in Portuguese, unfortunately — if you’re not willing to learn, there’s always [ENG] Paratii.

📝 Token Curated Playlists #1: thoughts on staking and consumer applications.

The first of a two-part piece that explores how Paratii intends to tackle curation and content classification without succumbing to censorship, attention manipulation or demonetisation.

🎥Check out this fresh interview between Fernando Ulrich, who’s probably the biggest crypto influencer in Brazil, and Felipe, Paratii’s Project Lead.

Also, have a look at our calendar of events for 2018 and peek at this infographic explaining some of the mechanisms behind the PTI token, on our subreddit.

Development status & Team updates

🐕 We’ve started promoting select videos from our first wave of early uploaders on Twitter!

Check it out at There’s a dog falling over in slo-mo. You won’t regret it. Also, see that player in which the clips are playing? Guess what? Paratii Player 0.0.2 is around the corner, with its built-in wallet, sleeker controls and faster playback.

📺 Player update

Behind the scenes, we’ve also made the player suitable for playing live streams on its embedded version, while working on a backend integration with Livepeer’s transcoding protocol. Early steps still, but you can expect fruitful experiments along the following months.

📋Paratii-lib was renamed paratii.js

It’s undergoing a heavy clean up + documentation, led by the Italian side of Paratii’s crew, in order to be presented at Brazil’s largest developer conference, in 20–21 April. Paratii is sponsoring a blockchain-themed hackathon there, and we’re excited to help developers build simple applications around decentralised video.

💌 Stay tuned for updates! Also, please call friends who you think would be interested to subscribe to this newsletter :)


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Decentralised video, before it went mainnet.

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