3 Secret Strategies Parents in Business Use to Create Success in a Crowded Online Market

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The biggest self-imposed road block for most people trying to turn their amazing idea into the next great business is that someone else has already created a business around their idea.

“Someone is already doing it!” they say, devastated, and then decide they can’t pursue it.

If you are a parent, and you want to become an entrepreneur…you better not let this stop you!

Did you say, “I can’t have kids, because someone else has already done that!”

I didn’t think so.

Well, the complaint about starting a business is just as silly.

My first online business was a Maternity Store. Have you ever heard of one of those?

I was lucky that mine, MommyLoves, was the first online Novelty Maternity Store, but many, many more were soon to follow.

Almost all the others that came mere months after I launched in November, 2003 had more money and more time to devote to success.

Without an MBA or business education, I looked to the only skills I felt I possessed…parenting.

Soothing fussy babies, creating sleeping routines, knowing when to coddle and when to let go –

If you are a parent, you can do the same, because you already possess the skills you need to build entrepreneurial success.

Let’s uncover the 3 secret strategies you, as a parent can access to create success in any entrepreneurial market.

1. Your are raising little humans — no business venture can compare to this responsibility.

What stage are you in as a parent? Newborn? Toddler? Pre-Teen? I’m here to warn you that the same stage will be mirrored in your business. For example, you can use the skills you developed to overcome the challenges of potty training to determine which CRM system is best for your business.

Trial and error, coupled with your knowledge of your child’s personality and temperament helped you get that kid on the pot. Those same tools will help you develop the unique set of systems that will help grow your business.

Similarly, there are universal skills and tools parents use every day in raising their kids, and these exact skills are actually required for success as an entrepreneur:

  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Communication
  • Intention
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Handling Stress
  • etc.

2. Your family support structure is what helps you create success as a Parent.

No parent goes it alone. School, family, friends, carpool, community organizations all play a part in helping your kid navigate this world. Your business requires a similar support structure.

Get help as soon as possible to handle tasks that don’t require your expertise, personality and knowledge.

You might coach your kid’s sports team, or help as room mom, but you probably don’t teach the gymnastics, tae kwon do, and Math classes, too. If your business isn’t Bookkeeping, you should probably leave that task to the Bookkeeper.

Your energy as a parent is best used to help guide your kids through the discovery of themselves as they grow into adulthood. The Math teacher can do that to some extent when your kid is with her, but she is best at teaching Math, not raising your kid. At the same time, your entrepreneurial energy is best spent directing your business and doing the things that your passion and expertise alone can do to create success, not creating a PDF.

3. Your family is unique, and the innate personality and acquired experience of the head of that family is what makes it so.

Are your family activities centered around sports, and all members know the names and STATS of your favorite players? Is there a standing challenge in your family to best the last member to play a practical joke? Whatever your unique personality and talents, own them and use them to their fullest while building and growing your business as well.

There may be another Maternity Store online, but there are none like mine.

This is the key to getting past that initial obstacle I mentioned above. There will always be another business similar to yours, but there will never be a business just like yours.

Non-parents may have the advantage of less responsibility and more time to devote to their businesses, but we have the advantage of built-in skills and experience. Because true success is almost always measured by the long haul, we parents have the edge!

How many entrepreneurs have had to wait 18 years to see the fruits of their labor realized? Every single parent has the patience and perseverance to make that journey!

This is why I call parents who become entrepreneurs Power Parents! We have an amazing Power to use these secret strategies to build incredibly successful, sustainable, businesses of value to the world.

What are you doing with your Power? Please share!

Enjoy the Journey!

Originally published at www.parententrepreneursuccess.com on March 25, 2015.