Screw Email…How Many People are on Your Messenger List?

We’ve been held hostage by email marketing funnels for too long, and I can’t wait to break us free! (and I’m having fun doing it!)

Everyone tells us to send people to our lead magnet, and get them on our email list

Everyone tells us “The $ is in your list!”

No one is talking about email open and click through rates being in the toilet across all industries, so the only people making real, life changing money from their email lists are the people with massive lists.

Here is just a sampling of the MailChimp Email Marketing Benchmark:


So, even people with massive lists have 70% of their list NOT opening their messages, and of the 30% who actually do…90% DON’T click through to their offers, but that doesn’t matter, because if they have a list of 500,000 people…

30% open = 150,000

10% click through = 15,000

30% buy = 4,500 x $997 each = $4,486,500.00

so they don’t give a shit about low email open rates.

But you and I do, because let’s apply those numbers to our lists:

3,000 people on your list (if you’re lucky), and

30% open = 900

10% click through = 90

30% buy = 27 x $997 each = $26,919.00

which is pretty good, but, either you need to find another 3,000 people so you don’t burn your list with selling them the same thing over and over, or you need to develop another product/program to sell those same 3,000 people…cause you can’t live or grow your business on $26,919!

Am I speaking truth, or not?!

So, What’s the Answer?

Well, I’m one of the lucky ones who are on ✎ Andrew Warner ‘s list, and he introduced me to the potential of FB Messenger to out-perf0rm that poor email marketing formula using Messenger Funnels! (Thanks Andrew)

Let’s start exploring this new Messenger tool to boost that marketing funnel, shall we?

You may have heard of FB Messenger Ads, and you may have been getting quite excited about the possibilities of running a FB ad, and sending people right into your Messenger account on your business page, but what do you do with those people once you get them in Messenger?

You engage with them immediately and automatically!

Your engagement will be meteoric, because of the power of instant messaging. The engagement you tried to get in email is minuscule compared to what you will get when you create and optimize a Messenger Funnel.

Because, that’s what this is…a funnel.

Just like you did in email, you can take people through your funnel in messenger, and please, please do that. Don’t just send broadcast messages advertising your latest blog post through an RSS feed, or advertising your latest affiliate offer.

We can be more strategic with our messages than that!

So, let’s look at how you can bring people into your Messenger Funnel, and where you take them from there.

You can bring people into your Messenger Funnel through:
~ a FB ad
~ a comment on a FB post
~ a URL tied to a button on your website
~ a landing page specifically created for Messenger
~ a popup specifically created for Messenger and hosted on your site
~ your welcome message on your business page messenger account

That’s one more than email capture can do…as far as I know, you can’t automatically subscribe people to your email list when they comment on your FB post!

You can with Messenger Funnels!

Once they get into your funnel, you can:
~ deliver a pdf right there in a message
~ send them to a video (or show them one in the message)
~ deliver an audio message right there in a message
~ send them to a form or survey
~ tag and segment each click or interaction
~ ask for their email address
~ send them to a webinar
~ sell them your product/service/online course/consulting services (YES! You can sell right in Messenger!)

Again, that’s one more for Messenger over email…can you actually sell right inside a promotional email without having someone click through to a cart hosted somewhere else?

So, as you can see, this isn’t just about bringing people into your messenger list.

It’s about giving people an experience!

If you give your audience an experience when they interact with your Messenger Funnel, their movement through that funnel creates trust faster, thereby increasing your conversion rate at the end.

Okay, let’s look at those rates, shall we?

Here are the statistics my Messenger Funnels and those of my clients are enjoying right now:

With 3,000 people on your Messenger List, you would get:

80% open = 2400

60% click through = 1440

30% buy = 432 x $997 each = $430,704.00

Much better, right? And, you can build a very profitable business on that conversion rate!

Here are the stats for one message sent in a series of messages to a segmented portion of my messenger list…just in case you’re skeptical:

Since when have you sent an email to 50 people, and ALL of them opened it, and 40 of them clicked through to engage with your offer?

Have I tempted you to join this Gold Rush yet?

If you’ve already dabbled in this, or you run out now and get this thing going for your business, please do me one favor…

Best practices still apply, just like in email.

No spamming people.
No sending unsolicited messages.
No harassing people with multiple daily messages.
Use short, specific messages, not long stories.
Unsubscribe people when they ask to be unsubscribed

The businesses that apply respectful marketing practices in Messenger just like they do in email will be the ones who rise to the top. If you want to take a test drive, just visit and I promise…you’ll be hooked!

So, Mr. and Ms. Cream of the Crop…

What’s the first Messenger Funnel you will create to grow your business engagement, conversions and revenue?