Parents of teens — let’s talk and share

I’m mum to a teen, a tween and a 9 year old and I love it! But as we all know nothing prepares you for the ups and downs of motherhood, least of all the teenage years. I’m lucky - I’ve got a great bunch of friends who I can confide in, laugh with and debate how to bring up our teens. We exchange ideas and support eachother but we don’t have all the answers, and that has lead to this…….

ParentsofTeensSELdn is filling a gap. Parents need a forum to keep talking and sharing as they guide their kids through the teen years. Its an exciting time when our kids are discovering all sorts, good and bad! Let’s share our experiences of both. Please follow, share and comment on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Stuff for teens to do

ParentsofTeensSELdn will be sharing all sorts of stuff for teens to do. We’ve all spent years choosing activities we’d like our children to get involved in. As our kids grow older they get more interested in what their friends suggest than their parents. But we can still be a great source of information and inspiration for them. In London there’s so much for kids to do — from music, arts, sport, fashion, youth action — whatever your teen’s interest, there’ll be something happening in London that they’ll want to get involved in.

Let’s celebrate!

There are many teenagers out there doing all sorts of amazing things. Performing, joining youth action groups, volunteering, excelling at sport. Every day we hear about teens doing great things. Let’s celebrate that. Sometimes people talk down teens and give them a bad press. Let’s give them a shout out and highlight their achievements!

Parenting tips

How do we parent our teens? We all thought it was tough enduring sleepless nights with our babies and toddlers. But at least we knew where they were! We used to stress about weaning and what we fed our kids. But at least we had ultimate control over what they consumed! We used to worry they might not play nicely with other children. But at least we were there to help things along and decide who our kids mixed with. During the teen years there’s a lot of letting go that we need to embrace. Let’s share tips and discuss what works and what doesn’t.

Current issues

Today we have issues to deal with that grandparents can’t advise on. Social media wasn’t even invented when our teens were born and as we all know they run their lives through Snapchat and Instagram — which can throw up issues and concerns. Many of us tried alcohol too early but for the most part it was cider or lager — some of this generation’s teens favour spirits. Even drugs are now stronger and more dangerous than they were. Let’s talk and share rather than wonder what on earth to do.