Has it to be black or white or something in the middle?

How is it to face and recognize that you lost yourself somewhere through your lifepath? That you haven’t lived your own thoughts, emotions, aims, goals…. If you are wandering aimlessly now. Is there an exam resit possible?

Does this happen to everybody and they live in limbo? Do they surrender to melancholia? Or they change the life comletely? Regardless of the family, occupation, job and social environment? Is it fair to them? Or is it fair to you to live the lifeless life all the time on?

All your youth you wait for to start living…. but it never starts, it just goes on, passes by… time, persons, events, material things… sadness, happines, anger, fear. All those test you, form and shape you. And if you don’t listen to your inner voice, if you don’t want to even hear it, it becomes more and more quiet and one day you found out that you lost it and then you recognize that you lost yourself too. Somewhere in the middle of those… There is just the fatique façade of yourself that you rely on.

So stay in the gray for and because the others? Be a good and decent person, mum, wife, husband, colleague, son, sister… in the role you have to be.Or become white for just yourself and to make alive your inner little voice? Shadows of black will haunt you certainly. But you will be faithfull to yourself again. And this is the meaning of your life time isn’t it? Do you dare to say no?

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