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Discover the proven Facebook advertising formula to dominate Facebook and crush your competitors…

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Vendor: Bus1n3ss

Product Name: Facebook Ads Tactics

Price: $12.95

Do you want to become a marketing expert quickly by using Facebook advertising? You will be instructed how building your list with Facebook advertising can set you apart from your competitors and establish you as an industry leader.

  • Are you struggling to build a list of targeted prospects who will buy from you again and again?
  • Have you been handing over your profits to affiliates and not making money for yourself?
  • Are you sick of wasting money on expensive solo ads with little to no success?
  • Or are you new to list-building and you can’t fit all the pieces together?

Like most Internet marketers:

  • Have you been following the multi-million dollar earners in the hopes of learning from their successes.
  • Have you PURCHASED all their tools, tips and tricks on your limited budget.
  • Have you watched all their training videos promising you the “formula”, “secret” or “next best thing” and And still you haven’t seen any real results.


I know you are asking, “so what make you different?” The good news is that you don’t have to spend years learning the tricks of the marketing trade because the work is already done for you.

These lessons were put together with a formula, which is fine-tuned in workshops across a number of industries until it was certain that it added real value to entrepreneurs. This formula brilliant formula is ready to share with you.

In “How to build your list with Facebook advertising”, the breakdown is more than a decade of studying, trial-and-error, research and coaching into 1 simple formula that even a newbie can apply.

Are you ready to quickly position your business for a whole new level of online success using a simple tactics?


What others are saying about the book…

“Wow! Christine has created a must have resource for everyone looking to build their business online. She provides university quality content in an easy-to-follow format. Get this while you can!” Shawn Brown

“I’ve been having a problem of crafting an offering for my new book for months, this concise e-book gave me the answer that I need not just about Facebook marketing but how to craft an offer that people can’t refuse”Shahfizal Musa

“If you’ve been struggling to build a list and market on Facebook this ebook will open your mind to a whole new dimension of possiblities.” Roger Hicks

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