“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” — Lao Tzu

Behold the gentle Brahmaputra, making its way coyly through the passages that the mighty snow-clad peaks of the Himayalas make for it to grow. Stop, and listen to the dance of the water when it falls from cliff to cliff, creating a beauty so mesmerizing you will wonder why how there could ever be any worldly problems in the wake of such wonder.

Close your eyes, and lend your ears.

Surrender to Nature’s lovemaking.

Welcome, to the Seven Sisters of India.

Welcome, to the North East.

A land full of serene monasteries, gushing waterfalls, adventurous trekking lands and tea gardens so green they could be a painting — the North East remains one of those lands which tourists are yet to discover to its highest potential. The fulfillment, the satisfaction one can gain from spending time in this land full of wonders is, quite possibly, unmatchable.

A nature lover would find their paradise on earth in this land. From sightings of the Siberian Weasel or the Alpine Musk Deer, the one horned Rhino to avian life thriving on the Rhododendron trees — this is a classic personification of “Expect the unexpected, and learn from it”.

It doesn’t stop there. The diverse nature of the population in the North East is unparalleled, and so is their depiction of their culture. Boat races, Bihu, the Hornbill festival, and the sheer number of monasteries give us but a mere glimpse into the enriched culture and heritage powerhouse held in this land.

Thanks to growing infrastructure, better management and active Government interest, the North East region of India is gradually growing out of the geo-political threats which alienate it from the rest of the country. Come; embrace this hitherto unexplored treasure chest.

There’s no more waiting. Buckle up, and let’s go.

Parindey Team | Explore Wildlife . Explore India