Missing Actions

Last year I went through lots of hoops and troops . But it was an awesome year. After long time I felt like living and taking decision which made me happy. Last evening I was thinking about it that “What changed?”.

Even before I had dreams and goals but I was not happy at all. I always wanted to be :

  1. A bit healthy
  2. Wealthy :P
  3. A good son.
  4. A good brother to my dearest sister
  5. A good friend to my closest friends
  6. Obviously to be in a relationship of my dreams.

Well sadly it never happened. and finally I found the real reason about these failures of my life and This was

Actions which was required to achieve that goals.

If I could have tried to visit to my sister or family , They would have been more proud of me. Or just regular contact , sending gift or sending notes to them would have worked. but I never did that so that dream will always remain like dreams

I could have asked someone out for date or couple of cup of coffee, I would have been in an relationship. But I never did.

I could have went to the gym and be a healthy person. But I never did that.

I could have spent more time with friend to understand his problem or day , or have called some evening randomly which might have been extended the strength of friend.

I could have avoided that accident if I would have given it to mechanic.

A lot thing I could have done. (You know what needs to be done for money so will skip that).

In nutshell In all dreams shattered due to this thing “Required action were not in place”

So what I do now? Well I started taking decision and required action to closing on my dreams. I go through act upon it then if it looks a bit out of track ,I modify my action and see the results again.

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Live long and prosper.