As I lay awake while all my friends slumber in the middle of a said night out, I look up at the sky. It is not a clear night. It never is. A few stars brave enough to burn a bit brighter could pierce through this canopy of pollution. I wonder why. Why would they want to burn up extra bright while their distant neighbors gave up. It is almost romantic in a sense. I fell in love with their sacrifice and I thought humans still have a lot to learn from this universe. This grand mystical device of fulcrums and cogs dimensions apart stretching out to infinity and they still resort to something so human ; sacrifice. The only known existence who is capable of thinking something this beautiful choose to ignore it. Men and women of purpose and we while our lives away not seeking the impossible, to fit in the congruence of the once laid out geometry to go about the decadence of routine to exist and not live. To accept heartbreaks and not expect love. Still there they are shining brightly to reach our existence. Stardust from light years away shining for some futile hope of recognition. 
I wonder why we give up while these majestic beings continue. Despite our very short life span how can we even fathom the idea of regrets. To not plunge or run into something which might change our lives forever. To shine bright and to stand out so that we can be loved for who we are and not who we were taught or trained to be. This is the reason why romance is dying. Not because people don’t care about emotions. They don’t emote at all. People have been taught recklessness is the only thing their love and affection deserves, that all love is meant to end some day. I refuse to believe in it. I wish she would too. I need a distraction.

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