The Risk Of Slipping.

This might be my last article. Either I quit on writing or I quit on myself. I am a coward. I am losing the strength to face the adversities. Words seem dry. Sentences short. It just seems plain and painful. I have even lost the will to vent out. I always wondered how the fall would be. Would it be how Jim described it or how Finch feels like. Maybe I am too much of coward to face it that way. I stand trembling in the face of existence as I see my resources deplete and no way to recharge them. I am a coward not to stand till the last of it exhausts. A coward even to make an exit. However I always dreamed of a grandiose exit. I am not brave enough though. Like Alaska I cant straight and fast. I need slow and slipping. I cant digest the adrenaline but swallow the sadistic pain. It feels nice but I still cant go. Stuff to do. Folks to meet. Just not yet. Almost on the edge but not yet.

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