I’m excited to announce that I’m starting a new chapter and have joined Udacity’s new London office. Udacity is helping to democratise education for in-demand technical skills. Here’s why I’m excited about joining and helping them grow here in the UK.

Learning How to Learn

For those who know me, learning and personal growth is high on my agenda. Ironically, this wasn’t particularly the case until after completing my degree. Having left university feeling a bit lost in terms of skill-sets and career direction and subsequently landing in the world of startups it was a steep learning curve.

Getting comfortable with teaching myself new…

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending NationBuilder’s one-day Masterclass hosted at The Hoxton Hotel.

*For all the tweets from the day, you can see the full Storify here 📖 *

It was a full 12-hour-plus day, with a packed schedule of workshops and networking. In attendance was a huge variety of people from varying industries including politics, non-profits, brands, agencies, startups and more.

With 3 sessions happening in parallel at any one time, below are the notes from the sessions that I attended myself.

Session 1: How to Use Stories to Build an Effective Organisation.

- By Emily Schwartz (@EmKSchwartz), VP of Organising at NationBuilder

Emily’s session was focused on an exercise that was used internally whilst she…

Illustrated with GIFs

Note: This post was originally published on 18th December 2015.

Job searching can be a tough ordeal. It’s not easy and it’s not particularly fun. But, there is a big prize waiting at the end if done correctly. Here are some pitfalls that all too many job seekers fall into. Avoid these 9 mistakes and you’ll be on your way to job search success.

1. The Scatter Gun — Applying for every role. Applying for every company. Ever.

Ah, the famous scatter gun approach. If someone fires off enough CVs and job applications then at some point they’ll strike lucky. Right?

Perhaps they will, but this certainly doesn’t mean it will be a…

If you’re not using social media to advance your career in one way or another then you’re already missing out. The truth is that being digital can get you a job, or in some cases, cost you your job if used irresponsibly. With over 500 million tweets being sent every single day, Twitter is arguably the best social network, besides LinkedIn, for your job search.

Twitter can become a noisy place, but if used correctly it is an almighty tool, not least for discovering your next career opportunity and building your personal brand. …

Whether you’re at the start of your career journey and looking for a way to gain valuable experience and improve your skill-set, or changing careers and aiming to build your credibility, there are a number of methods you can use to leverage yourself up the proverbial food-chain.

Landing a job with no experience can feel like a never ending chicken and egg problem. You can’t get a job without any experience; yet, you can’t get experience without a job. Hopefully this blog will serve as some inspiration and motivation to help you get off the ground. The following 12 suggestions…

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Note: This post was originally published on 1st April 2015.

Networking is a crucial skill to meet contacts, regardless of what stage you are at in your career. Your network also happens to be one of the greatest sources of opportunities when it comes to your job search. However, these opportunities don’t always find you; you have to be willing to put yourself out there and hustle your way to meeting employers.

Careers fairs and industry events are a great way to meet interesting people and potential employers. …

The cover letter is one of the few documents that nearly everyone will have to write at some point in their life.

It has been said that the CV is possibly the most important document you will ever write and if this is the case then arguably, the cover letter could be a close second. The good news is that whilst it might seem complex, in truth it is a just a combination of basic principles that need to be included and followed.

Why does it even matter?

Attaching a covering letter for a job application is often a requirement from employers. As a candidate…

LinkedIn is quite possibly the most important tool for opening metaphorical doors in your career. Unfortunately we’re all guilty of under utilising the functionality regardless of how many times we get told that we really should be creating a killer profile and using it to our advantage.

The bank of contacts you can accrue in LinkedIn is like “an address book of potential employers, future colleagues, potential clients, maybe even future employees if you come to hiring for your own team in the future. Right now though, for your job search, just get connected. It builds your credibility and shows…

Your email etiquette, as a skill in its own right, is hugely important when job searching. A seemingly small, but very important detail that cannot be overlooked is your email signature (could also be known as an email footer). It’s a fundamental part of your email that you need to get right, especially when embarking on the hunt for a new role.

An email signature has the potential to be an extremely powerful tool if utilised correctly, and conversely, is a missed opportunity when not used at all. When using your work email address you probably have a neat signature…

It’s the end of another year and this brings with it a chance to reflect on the year just gone and also plan the year ahead.

Note: This post was originally published on New Years Eve (31st December) 2014.

The New Year acts an annual forcing function and offers a good opportunity to think about boosting your career again but why does it so often require such an event for us to actually stop, think and act on our lives?

Forcing functions are a strange occurance; they’re often the only thing that can motivate people to get stuff done. Think…

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