Illinois Governor Declares September 26th “Gold Star Family Day”

September 25th has been Gold Star Mother Day for years, but Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has passed a bill to make December 26th Gold Star Family Day to honor and recognize the other family members who have suffered the loss of family member.

Gold Star families are those that have lost a son, daughter, brother, sister, or any other type of direct relative, but until Governor Bruce Rauner’s bill only the mother’s received recognition.

The creation of Gold Star Family Day does not honor those who have lost loved ones, but it also acts as a push to raise awareness of how these losses alter the families.

Gold Star Father James Frazier speaks on behalf of all Gold Star families when he says, “We have a hole in our heart, and its there forever, and we just learn how to live with it.”

Near the end of the ceremony held in Illinois’ capital building Governor read aloud the details of the bill that was passed, and then held a moment of silence in remembrance of the fallen soldiers whose pictures were hung on the walls during the ceremony.

The ceremony was concluded by a single soldier playing “Taps” the song associated with bravery and sacrifice and is played at most military funerals.

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