The Strong Wars

Are you strong enough?

From the day you were born you were enlisted. You were given a team, which may have had all the resources you needed to fight. A gun and body armor to defend yourself from enemies, a helmet to keep your head covered from any surprise bombs overhead, or even a medical team to patch you up when you were wounded. On the other hand, you may have been given a team that had little to none of these resources, making it harder or even impossible for you to withstand the fight.

As a soldier in the Strong Wars, you will see times of peace and times of despair. Times of pure bliss, and times of suffering. This conflict can be summed up in one word:


In life, you were enlisted without a choice. You had no say in what country to even what street address you would be raised at. You were given a team with many resources or a team with very little, and now, with what you have been given (or taught), you must withstand life and all of its highs and lows, making critical decisions that affect you and your future team as well.

However, no matter where you started from, whether it was from the depths of Skid Row to the Heights of Ladera, your ultimate Strength and Source to assure your victory in these Strong Wars is not of this World.

Fight alone, fail alone.