Dam! What a city!

Well Amsterdam ay! Its only been a handful of days but so much to say about this incredible city and to put it in one line, ‘it’s all about the bike’.

This city caters for cyclists like none other I have visited. As a cyclist here you have the upper hand with a culture of ‘cyclists first’ and an amazing network of bike paths.

My wheels, we won’t go into how I acquired this bike but lets just say, it was cheap haha!

The bike riding here, which is no doubt just normality for the dutch people has been to me such a novelty, such freedom and just simply good fun.

Important to remember where you parked

The super cool Albert Cuyp area has been my base for last few days. Full of plenty of hipster stores, a really neat street market, coffee shops and chilled bars, this area is only a 15 minute ride from Centraal Station. It was a great place to launch from on epic rides, enjoying the late european summer and seeing where the path took me.

A trip to the market at Noordermarkt square was a definite highlight, all the usual markets staples to be found, including dutch pancakes (Poffertjes) of course 😊.

Nice setting for another of Amsterdam’s cool markets, that at Nieuwmarkt square

Seeking a change of pace and a little quiet time the path led me to Amsterdam-Noord, across the ferry from the city. Such a peaceful area with lovely little river side cottages and house boats full of character.

A nice little surprise was stumbling upon Chalk Mill d’Admiraal, an Industrial windmill built by, believe it or not, 92 year old Mrs. Admiraal in 1792. For a small donation a nice old dutch chap gave me a tour of the place and a cup of coffee.

It’s been a hell of an adventure exploring this city and learning a bit more about the beautiful dutch people. Speaking of which, a huge thank-you to the very best guide ever, Thirca Mosch.


For now the path leads . . . well lets just say, Saúde! 🇵🇹

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