The funny thing called ‘Time’

God is biased. He might be grateful, warm, merciful and generous as well, but he is biased. I will provide valid arguments in support of that premise.

I think we all agree that some of us more privileged than others by birth. For instance, I was thankful to be born in an upper middle class family in Chandigarh, India. During my childhood, most of my “demands” were usually fulfilled before other kids of my age. I wouldn’t say that I was spoiled but yes, my parents took care of my necessities as well as the luxuries. However there was a kid who was the son of a local clothes ironer living in a shack nearby. While me and my friends used to play and have fun all day long, he used to deliver ironed clothes to various people in the blistering sun on his crooked bicycle.

Now when I’m 20 years old, all grown up, a reminiscence gets going sometimes and I recall the situation in my neighbourhood, I wonder how the creator of this entire universe can be so partial. While he gave me all the luxuries that I needed, the poor boy was barely getting the necessities (food, clothing and shelter). His fault was just to be born in a poor family. More I think about it, the more disappointed I feel.

However, there is always another side to a coin. Most people are befooled by the visuals and are unable to realize the hints/gifts that god gives them. We condemn and hate our lives by comparing it with those of more wealthier and prosperous people having better resources than us. Then we feel pity and pretty easily conclude that god is biased. What we do not realize is something that I did and I will share it with you below.

God may be biased in all the materialistic things, and also some of the non-materialistic things. However one thing in which god is not biased at all, is time. In a single day, god gives every human being, 24 hours or 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds. And how rookie was I, to think that god is biased.

All in all its plain and simple, everyone gets the same book when they are born. It has the same length, width and thickness of pages in it. Some of you might get your books with a fancy cover or better material on it, however when you get them, they are empty. The stuff you write in your book is totally up to you. All the books will also have a front and back cover. I call this book ‘life’ with blank days in it. The start and end is definite. Hence you better get started soon ……..

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