Pt.5 The Final Stages

The lead up to my websites publication, the promotion, and exhibition.


Now I begin to build the website using my chosen format which is Wix. I had applied all the design ideas from my mock ups and started to apply them to the real thing. What is brilliant when using Wix is that it’s interface is easy to use so therefore making it easier for me to build the website up.

What is also needed for people to see my work I have created. I spread the word using Twitter and Instagram as well. Which I have added onto the main page of the website as can be seen below. I think it is a great way for the audience to interact with the producers and the places they find by using a certain hashtag #Sussexfresh or #lovelocal, in order to spread the word. Social media is a key part of life in the 21st century so I believe it was an integral part of this project.

Sussex fresh promotion side
CLICK HERE FOR @SussexFresh twitter page
CLICK HERE FOR SussexFresh Instagram
An Instagram photo on Sussex Fresh Page

It is good to keep people interested otherwise people will not bother to look at your content. Constant uploading will create more of a fan base. I believe my twitter and Instagram helped that especially. Even getting mentions and Re-Tweets from the places I have visited helped me get noticed as well. Generating more of an audience who would want to see my website. What is also helpful about this is that it shall be generating an audience for my show, therefore enabling people to interact and show an interest in visiting and seeing my work. Not only that but, separate to my own personal Sussex Fresh promotion me and my fellow workmates had grouped together and created a Facebook page to promote the exhibition that is on the 15th of June. We wanted it to be querky in some way so since there were five of us in the group we wanted to include a pentagon into our work as a way of foreshadowing how many of us were in HND Graphics. What was a greater achievement was that Chichester College themselves mentioned our page on their own Facebook page that has over 10,000 likes/followers. Therefore indefinitely improving our odds of having a bigger audience.

My personally designed HND Poster
The personal HND Promotional Page.
Chichester College Mentioning our page!

Inviting people to the page and constantly updating the page will generate a better audience. However I feel that the main issue is that this Facebook page has not been regularly updated. Therefore it may well impact the amount of people visiting the show on the 15th of June. Hopefully with the Sussex Fresh Twitter & Instagram that it shall bring more of an audience in and hopefully some of the producers mentioned in my website.

Final Development:Creating The Website.

Now after Mocking up the pages for the website from Photoshop. It was time to apply it all into the actual website. Rather than what I initially tried which was to jump straight into development. The reason I did this is because I have in the past had a reputation of dwindling too long on certain things therefore making things a bigger problem in the long run. So thankfully from the comments I recieved I was able to step back. Really think about what I want and where I want it to then actually apply it onto the websites. As an example, below is a Mock up of how I want my Meat page to look on my actually website. Below that is my actual design of my page .

My Mock Up of my Meat Producers Page

Now apart from a few minor changes I have stuck to the script pretty well. it’s nice and clean cut and easy to understand for the viewer. With some hidden extras as well which can be seen once the website is published. I am greatly pleased with how a lot of the website turned out. Although it didn’t come without it’s handful of issues.

Getting to see actual producers and being able to fit around there schedule was not easy. A lot of the time they are as expected very busy. Apart from a couple of producers all complied very well and were extremely friendly and invited me with open arms. The main issue and the thing that on occasion hindered my progress was the weather. Weather hit my schedule quite a few times. Because if I wanted to produce some vibrant and colourful shots Sun was in high demand. That applied to my food photography as well.

Creating The Exhibition

My inspiration

Initially for my space I wanted it to have the organic natural feel to it. I wanted to achieve this by having wooden crates filled with local food all around my show area. However I feel like for what I was trying to achieve it was a bit too far fetched and would overcrowd my actual work. So I changed my idea to still use the wooden crates but integrate it into my actual work, so what I did was by recycling old wooden palettes the aim is to make a wooden crate that shall fit around the screen that I shall be presenting from (AKA an iMac)

I had written down and calculated the measurements for both length, width and depth, which would allow the iMac to fit in perfectly. All it was a case of was sawing the wood into shape.

Measurements Ready
Cutting up the palettes
measurements and preparation

When painting the wall I am presenting on I wanted a off colour Green that would meld in well with the wooden texture. The colour I went for was a darker grey tone of green and it seemed to have payed off. I am looking forward to the final outcome and hope it will be a success and generate and audience that are enthusiastic about the cause and hopefully shall make people think about what food they can get from there local producers.