The End of a Sleepover

An 8 month long one at that.

But man, was it the best sleepover of my life.

First year has been a hell of an emotional roller coaster, and I feel the need to share my thoughts on the past 8 months with all of you. So bare with my sappy and sentimental self for right now.

I was lucky to be on a floor like Eccles, and meet so many incredible people. I remember my first couple hours at res. Shredder’s leprechaun lookin ass helped me move in, and I also met Rebound as he showed me around. As I said goodbye to my parents, they told me to go say hi to Gurbir and Sunny D, so I could make some brown friends. I remember asking the Med-Syd group chat to see who lived on Eccles, and becoming friends with Cara. I recall Mom’s Spaghetti helping my crybaby ass when I got really homesick during O-Week. Along with my memories of everyone else, its crazy to think that its been 8 months since then.

However, I do have some regrets. I feel I didn’t do a good job getting close to many of you. Living at the other end of the floor, and always being cooped up in my room trying to study (for chem 1301 obviously) definitely didn’t help. It also took me a while to be comfortable here. I kept thinking about back home where all of my close friends and 13 year old girlfriend are (She’s in grade 11 you cunts, we met last year). It only got harder when my grandpa passed away right before Christmas. Living in the present, and learning to relax and have fun Western are still things I’m trying to work on.

However, I wouldn’t do the year over again. I learned so many things about myself, and I grew too much as a person to re-do this year. I also wouldn’t give this floor up for anything, we have a real special cast up here.

I got a lot of love and respect for everyone here on Eccles, even if I didn’t always do my best showing it. Y’all are incredible people, and I was lucky to be on the best floor in Med-Syd.

Love you guys, stay lit.

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