Bounce House Rentals : Celebrate The Holidays With A Slumber Party

Are you looking for a way to make your kids enjoy the holidays? Let your kids enjoy the holidays with a fulfilled slumber party. Kids love staying up late, eating midnight snacks, listening to the perfect ghost stories and laughing their hearts out. There is a lot one can do when it comes to this party. Nevertheless, the key to making the party a complete success lies in the planning.

So, let us begin with the invitations. The invitations can be made in the shape of a toothbrush, slippers or a torch. When the guests arrive, you can give them a real toothbrush, slippers and a torch. With the invites taken care of, the decorations have to be done. Decorating the place is quite simple and easy to do. The place can be decorated with lights, so cover the windows with newspapers or towels and hang some fairy lights or dots with different colored lamps. Put the sleeping bags in a circle on the floor.

The kids need to be entertained for hours. Parents can make them watch a movie, have karaoke singing, have a scavenger hunt, play an amusing mummy wrap game and dumb charades. There are a million games kids can do apart from these like pin the donkey, musical chairs, spin the wheel and hide and seek.

Food is important when it comes to a party. Since this is a slumber party, why not have an activity where kids can do it together. The perfect activity would be a do it yourself pizza bar. This activity includes cutting up large junks of various toppings and letting the kids design their pizza’s themselves. Let us not forget to feed the kids the next morning. The breakfast can have croissants. The kids will love eating them. With the foods, the party should have various aerated drinks and juices. If the parents do not want to use their own tables, they can always rent them from the bounce house rentals.

Besides having pizzas for dinner, the party can have other foods like pasta, burgers, spaghetti, French fries and hot dogs. This will be a party to remember. Kids will talk about the fun they had for weeks. It is the best way to have fun during the holidays. The next time people want to organize a party or function or any other event they should hire the bounce house rentals.

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